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Evernote no longer saving checkmarks to checklists?



When making a checklist in Evernote, when I click an empty checkbox to checkmark it, it does not automatically save. For instance, if I close the note, and reopen it, the checks are no longer checked but left blank.


The only time that the checkmarks will remain within the note is if I sync the notes first before closing them out. In the past I did not have to sync a note for it to save a checkmark. I'll find myself checking 20 things off of a checklist I made, only to close it out and reopen it a little while later and see that all of the checkmarks are gone and the checkboxes are left empty.


I made sure that I upgraded to the earliest version of Evernote (5.2.2) from the website download yesterday.

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There have been a few comments about checkboxes not saving the content - please make sure that you save and sync the edited note on completion.  If despite that you're still losing content I'd suggest a support ticket to notify Evernote there's a problem.

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Yeah, I've found that the checkmarks only save now when you exit out of the note (without closing), and then click the sync button. It's frustrating because it's kind of inconvenient to do that, especially when you're used to it saving automatically.

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Well, more and more I'm realizing that the Evernote "auto save" option is becoming more an more inconsistent for some reason. Sometimes it works, however more than often it does not. This is the real issue.


In the mean time, I've learned to use the Command + S shortcut to manually save notes.

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