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Hyperlinking to Notes


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Yes, but we call them Note Links. You can create links between specific notes on your Windows or Mac desktop. 


To create a Note Link: 


- Right click the note in the note list and choose 'Copy Note Link'

- This link will be placed in your clipboard, ready to paste into a separate note.

- In new note, paste Note Link into note body. 


Link to individual notes will also work on our Android and iOS clients.


Find out additional details on Note Links here: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23190617

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If you are interested in Links between notes, then you will also want to understand the power of creating "Table of Contents" -- this would be links to many notes that are relevant to a project, for example

-- I personally put a links back to the table of contents on each relevant note



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Keep in mind the GUID (globally unique identifier) may change in certain circumstances.  IE, if the note you are linking to, gets moved from a sync'd notebook to a local notebook (even by accident), the GUID is changed & the link is now broken.  Even if you move it back to a sync'd notebook, the GUID is still different & the link is broken.  Or let's say you muffed up a note & want to pull it from a backup you have on your hard drive...importing that note will now give it a new GUID. 


So although they are nice, it may be good to not rely on them if it's very important. 


What I do is use the random password generator in Roboform & paste that into the notes.  IE, if I have note 1 & note 2 that I want "linked", I will add "Reference # abcdefghijk" in both notes.  Then I simply have to search on abcdefghijk to find all the related notes. 

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