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JUST upgraded to IE 11 and now cannot get Web Clipper icon on the tool bar at all...and not in right click menu on any web page either...followed all the steps...even downloaded latest version of Evernote...NADA




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- Need to know what Windows client version you guys are running?

- Did the Clipper icon disappear after an update of Evernote or Internet Explorer?


Things to check:

- Make sure the 'Command bar' is visible in IE.

- In IE go to 'Manage Add-ons' and see if Evernote Web Clipper is listed as installed?

- If listed make sure it is enabled. 

- Restarting your system and then starting Evernote Application from the Start meny may help. 

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Hi jbignert,


Thanks for your help.  I'm using Windows 7 and just tried all of your suggestions.  I looked on the manage add-ons and all I show is Evernote extension and I enabled it, but it did not show evernote clipper.  I went to your website and thought I'd check for the download and it said I already had it.  Am I doing something wrong?:-) More suggestions?  Thanks......

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I also have lost my Web Clipper and have tried to download the 'newest version' as suggested in your web help, but get an error message indicating it can't complete the download.  I'm using a mac, IOS 10.9.4 with  Safari Version 7.0.6 (9537.78.2).  If I recall, the web clipper hasn't worked since I upgraded to Evernote Premium -- but that may be just incidental. LOVE Evernote and have raved about it to to friends and business associates -- hope you can get this fixed!  Nan

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Hi jbignert,


Well, I have good news.  I was checking this morning for my Evernote version as you suggested (realizing I previously gave you the IE version instead) and when I was clicking on the program, it reinstalled the 5.5.3 version.  Everything is working perfectly!  It must have been removed somehow when the Geek Squad was removing the recent virus I had.  I never had thought about that, but will keep it in mind for the future. 


I do want to say how helpful you were and I've always had the best customer support from this Evernote Forum!!  I will continue to recommend this forum and if there's any other place you want me to comment about your service, please let me know!!  Thanks again for your help:-)

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Thank you for you prompt reply.

I went to this link previously, but

only found a download for Firefox

not Safari.


There does not  seem to be an option

for Safari.


Does Evernote Clipper work with

Safari Version 7.0.6 (9537.78.2)


The only option seems:




Am I missing something?

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