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  1. JUST upgraded to IE 11 and now cannot get Web Clipper icon on the tool bar at all...and not in right click menu on any web page either...followed all the steps...even downloaded latest version of Evernote...NADA H E L P PLEASE
  2. I am not sure what this post is about regarding problems with syncing BUT... I just added my Premium account to another Win machine in my home and I do NOT see ANY sync button at all? I tried to clip something and it told me I had to sync first but cannot find where/how to do that...??? "When I downloaded Evernote just now it said Evernote 5. HELP??
  3. hello again---you were good enough to tell me to download some software for my XP PC in order to open .VNT files from evernote but now I just realized that since my Epic 4G was updated to Android 2.2----the same thing is now happening on the phone ----when I tap on something it says "no activity found to handle this action".....?????
  4. using Android 2.2 and transferred memo note from Epic 4g to Evernote but now it is on the PC in .vnt(?) file ext and won't open...???? HELP PLEASE
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