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Constant crashing when adding new note.

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Ok I am paying by the month on this thing.  I have had five upgrades and just updated again.  Why does Evernote constatnly crash when adding new notes.  right now it has gotten so bad  it will not let me add a note at all.    RE-installing is a waste of time..

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Now my online notebooks are screwed up.   The notes are there but there is no listing for the notebook in the left hand sidebar.  the notebook IS listed in the upper left hand of the note but its not to be found in the sidebar.   Plus i get a constant message that evernote is down then it loads my notes.

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Hi - There's no reason for Evernot to be 'losing' your notebooks,  especially not online - unless those notebooks were deleted on a desktop or mobile client which is/ was in the process of syncing with the database as you were looking at the online version.  It sounds as though there may be a problem with the browser you're using,  or the internet connection,  and maybe the Evernote client installed on your desktop.  Some part of this is probably going to involve your removing and reinstalling the desktop client,  so the instructions in this post will help if you're willing to do it.


Short term though you need (obviously) to determine what's going on with your online notes,  so I suggest you find another computer you can use and log in to Evernote.com with your normal user name and password a carry out an audit.


This sort of possible occurrence is why a lot of the older hands around here strongly recommend putting a regular backup copy of your database somewhere safe.  If the worst happens,  you would only lose a day or two's work,  not the whole shebang.


If it proves you have lost data and you don't have an explanation for that,  then submit a support ticket and post the number here and we'll try to get someone to look at it if they're not already doing so.

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T61 Laptop XP 4 gig ram 120 gig SSHD

EN 5.53.4236




Just curious what does anyof this have to do with evernote being screwed up online

You claimed that Evernote was crashing, but you didn't provide any information of what computer type you're using. Tough to offer any suggestions in that case; Macs are different from PCs are different from Android devices, etc., etc.. I'd suggest a full uninstall (some people further recommend that you use the Revo uninstaller), and then re-install.


Your online problem is a separate issue. 

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I have done several reinstall before coming here as I know that is the standard answer to everything.  i also upgraded.  And i have full cloud back up  and sync of all my laptops.  None of the online notebooks    had/have     been deleted out of my laptops.  Part of the problem is the  note was corrupted somehow on the server.    It required all three laptops working back and forth to get rid of it.




A T61 is and IBM thinkpad. i have three and a mac book.   i have not done any sync to the server  till I know my data online is safe.  Also I have tried several times since last night to get to my account and

this is all I get up to this moment.


My browsers, antivirus software are all kept up to date and have worked fine an continue without problems on all sites except here


Evernote Service is unavailable

Possible reasons:

  • We may be performing regular system maintenance (typically Wednesday evenings, US Pacific time)
  • We may be experiencing unexpected problems that require a brief outage

In either case, we are working to restore access to the Evernote Service as quickly as possible.

Desktop versions of Evernote will continue to work, but will be unable to sync until service is restored.

This page will automatically reload every 60 seconds


After about 2 minutes I get a script error as previoulsy posted.

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I've been having the same issues and I really don't think it's my computer - a macbook Pro OS X-10.9.4 - as I have zero issues with any other applications or sites. Evernote online is constantly crashing and chugs along like it's back in the early 2000's. I'm half expecting to see the bouncing beach ball of doom pop up. I really have loved Evernote up until the past couple months and am happy to pay for a well functioning service, but this isn't one right now.

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Just logged into my account online (as I have from time to time over the past several days) and it's 'fine' - which is to say as good as the online service gets.  I use the desktop and Android clients in preference.  I have -as usual- no problem logging in.  I can only suggest that you follow the support ticket route - we have no access to server logs or system details here,  so no way to verify if the system is misbehaving when you connect with it.

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