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  1. Alwasy been curious. If I were to build you a house you paid for by the month to live in would you come to my house with cookies and pizza when it fell on you?
  2. Just to let you know that the problem was not on my end. It was solved by someone or something in the cloud
  3. I have done several reinstall before coming here as I know that is the standard answer to everything. i also upgraded. And i have full cloud back up and sync of all my laptops. None of the online notebooks had/have been deleted out of my laptops. Part of the problem is the note was corrupted somehow on the server. It required all three laptops working back and forth to get rid of it. A T61 is and IBM thinkpad. i have three and a mac book. i have not done any sync to the server till I know my data online is safe. Also I have tried several times since last night to get to my account and this is all I get up to this moment. My browsers, antivirus software are all kept up to date and have worked fine an continue without problems on all sites except here Evernote Service is unavailable Possible reasons: We may be performing regular system maintenance (typically Wednesday evenings, US Pacific time)We may be experiencing unexpected problems that require a brief outageIn either case, we are working to restore access to the Evernote Service as quickly as possible. Desktop versions of Evernote will continue to work, but will be unable to sync until service is restored. This page will automatically reload every 60 seconds After about 2 minutes I get a script error as previoulsy posted.
  4. Eight notebooks lost and counting
  5. Script:
  6. T61 Laptop XP 4 gig ram 120 gig SSHD EN 5.53.4236 FF28 Just curious what does anyof this have to do with evernote being screwed up online
  7. I'm getting constant script errors online plus losing notebooks one by one online every time i refresh .
  8. Now my online notebooks are screwed up. The notes are there but there is no listing for the notebook in the left hand sidebar. the notebook IS listed in the upper left hand of the note but its not to be found in the sidebar. Plus i get a constant message that evernote is down then it loads my notes.
  9. Ok I am paying by the month on this thing. I have had five upgrades and just updated again. Why does Evernote constatnly crash when adding new notes. right now it has gotten so bad it will not let me add a note at all. RE-installing is a waste of time..
  10. OK I need to change my email notifications. i have tried every password I have on file for evernote and it wont take any of them. Even though i can sign in here no problem and the passowrd is evidently correct in the browser
  11. mac

    I have four thinkpads and a macbook and i cant get a mouse,trackpad setting that lets me scroll evernote on any of them. Especially with pictures. All scrolling is hap hazard and epileptic. how do you get a smooth scroll with a track point or on a mac, the setting has to be somewhere in evernote becasue i have tried everything on all five machines
  12. i don't know what to really say. All i know is that i have gone from a product that was easy to use and rock solid to soemthing full of all kind enhancements that are of little value and a program that is almost impossilbe to use. I would really like the original Evernote back its seems to be incompatiable with firefox on any mahcine. Constantly get script errors. Online editign is a run through the gaunlet line. Almost nothing responds to mouse commands. you have to reset it to what you want everytime you use it. It seems to set up its own editing. Bold is on constantly no matter what you do The clipping although use in Firefox is different on every computer. Clipping seems to work best in Opera for some unknown reason. And the notes can be anywhere and must be sorted. And as i said this isn't just a gripe about one computer its about 6 computers. Thats why I have no idea how to phrase the question except total frustration. And i am not a troll. i have been a paying customer for several years. I liked evernote from the start and would hate to lose it. But I must not be smart enough to use it anymore
  13. firefox

    Thanks Tried but not the problem. The same thing happens in my stand alone. Usually copy straight to the folder when using it but tried the selector and had the same thing. Even though all folders are showing
  14. firefox

    Well never counted but have 127 notebooks . 5 of those are stacks with 10. evernotes fault for making it easy to organize Is there a limit. I have lots of interests