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Evernote premium support

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I'm frustrated this morning. I've been trying since early Saturday to access some curated content that I clipped with web clipper but EN isn't syncing with my imac loaded with Maverick. I thought OK, I'll just login and grab that content online, but I can't even access the online version of my EN. When I try to access it the wheel just spins indefinitely. 


I looked in the forum and knowledge base for answers, found some potential solutions but nothing I tried resolved my issue.


Since I'm a premium user I tried submitting a support ticket, but that section of EN is unavailable. Every time I click on it the wheel just spins indefinitely. 

I also tweeted to @evernotehelps and @evernote but got no response.


Normally EN is as reliable as the sun coming up but for some reason support has sucked this weekend.

Can someone please point me in the right direction. 




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hi. we've noticed slower than usual support in recent days, though evernote doesn't usually provide support on weekends even when there isn't a queue. sometimes you get it, but not always. i'd wait a little longer, or post your support ticket number here, and we can flag it for the staff.

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Strange, I am able to access the support page just fine at



It may be a temporary technical glitch. 


Keep in mind Evernote Support are on the Pacific time zone and only work weekdays, so any ticket you submitted over the weekend (or even today) will not even have been looked at until just now at the earliest!


You may also want to try their chat support, since you are premium. That is often the quickest way for some problems. They may not be operating this early yet, I'm not sure what time their day starts, as it is only now 8am pacific time. 

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Thanks Scott, but I can't even access support or chat. And in past attempts at getting support EN was good about responding even over the weekend which kinda set a precedent in my mind.

If you send over your Ticket # we would be happy to further investigate :)

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