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  1. Well done Megan. This post should prove very useful to anyone looking to scale and make more effective their efforts
  2. WOW Megan. That is an awesome resource for would be and current users of EN. Thanks for sharing. I followed your board
  3. Jacob, I have similar professional uses for EN. There are a number of valuable sources to help you customize EN to your preferences. I got most of my ideas from these sources and I wrote about it myself. Here are the links. Enjoy http://lesdossey.com/evernote-post-index/ http://michaelhyatt.com/a-handy-index-to-all-my-evernote-posts.html
  4. That is truly the simplistic beauty of Evernote. It doesn't say to an Adam or a Les, hey you've got to do this or that, instead it welcomes you just as you are ready to meet your unique needs the way you need them met.
  5. Congratulations SmokingKipper, You made a great decision by integrating EN and GTD into your life and profession. Among the 3 things I do day in and day out, Wordpress, Thesis web development and design is 1 of them. I've been using EN since 2009 and have compiled mounds of great information about web design and development. Since this is an active on-going project in my world I have a single stack dedicated to the cool and interesting web development related things I find while surfing the web, moderating various forums and so on. I call that stack: !Web Development. I added the ! so that the stack positions at the top Inside the stack I have a few notebooks. Skins - various skins that I've created for WP Thesis use Styling Snippets - things like box shadows, css3 buttons, div's, etc. Custom PHP - includes things like social share bars, post author boxes, etc. Opt Ins - includes various custom aweber based opt in forms I've developed etc. Then I assign tags based on a few simple criteria html php css j-query etc. While conducting research or having one of those wow that's really cool moments I use several apps to send directly into EN. EN web clipper mostly for articles or snippets of an article, like a chuck of code EN web clipper to capture url's of sites I think I will frequent Clearly which removes site navigation, sidebar, and other annoying distractions so that an article or post can be read without the distraction. Skitch for almost all screen captures. The mark up, tagging and notation flexibility is da bomb The key is to keep it minimal. because remember EN scans almost everything within a note and with the ability to use what EN calls operators, I call them identifiers you can narrow your search in all kinds of super cool ways. If you'd like to follow my writings on the topic of "EGGND" Evernote, GTD, Google Apps, Nozbe and Drop Box here is a link to my post index. Only the Best, Les
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