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*very serious bug* - web clipper creates duplicates

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After the latest update of the web clipper, (version 6.2.2 on Chrome on Windows 7), I noticed a very serious bug that calls out for your immediate attention.

When selecting and clipping text from a webpage, it "remembers" only the first one and clips all notes with the same content.

I.e. I do 5 clips of five different paragraphs from the same webpage but they all have the same content (first paragraph) !


I have already lost a lot of clippings, please confirm this is a bug.


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Doesn't seem like anyone else has noticed this - have you tried uninstalling/ reinstalling the add-in and re-testing?  Does the right-click option to save to Evernote work correctly?


If clipping still isn't working for you.  try using Clearly to separate web page content and then select text blocks and right-click to save to Evernote.

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