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  1. jbignert thanks! Can you please post here when you roll out the fix?
  2. After the latest update of the web clipper, (version 6.2.2 on Chrome on Windows 7), I noticed a very serious bug that calls out for your immediate attention. When selecting and clipping text from a webpage, it "remembers" only the first one and clips all notes with the same content. I.e. I do 5 clips of five different paragraphs from the same webpage but they all have the same content (first paragraph) ! I have already lost a lot of clippings, please confirm this is a bug.
  3. jefito I think you misunderstood the 2nd point. I need to distinguish between 'clip full page' and 'clip bookmark' which are both web clipper actions..
  4. 1. You mean after saving each page, go and tag it manually with 'webclip' ? 2. The problem with that is that clip selection, clip bookmark and clip full page would end up in the same notebook, which is what I'm trying to avoid. I need 'clip bookmark' in a separate notebook or a way to 'isolate' the saved data. Any ideas?
  5. The problem is that I have many webclips already. Also tagging each one is too time consuming, the web clip point is to make it fast to save the web page url along with some information. Maybe the API offers a way to do this?
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