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Can you please add a Date Stamp too in your toolbar. I would find this very useful for creating a history of my notes.


I type the date and time not but a button would be very time saving for me.




Since EN does not publish their roadmap, there's no way to know if they plan on doing this.   I suggest you use a text expander. 

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You already have raised a feature request by posting here.  As have any others who requested it.  Evernote will consider,  and may include any requests in their development plans if and when it suits them.  Meantime I use PhraseExpress which gives me a date + time and time only stamp that come in quite handy - and can be expanded to any other format or content that I use often.  There are folks (I understand) who have set up note templates using this,  or other text expanders.


I'd imagine that Evernote,  aware that there are easy options to get this feature,  wouldn't give it high priority as a new feature - I know I'd prefer PhraseExpress to any native button they might include...

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