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Feature Request — Pencil by 53 Integration



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I'm adding my vote to please add Pencil 53 integration to Penultimate. I'm a premium customer, and if you'd like to keep me as a premium customer, this would be one way to do so. I'm extremely surprised that it is NOT supported. :huh:

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+1 for me.

Pencil by 53 is a good, I`d say useful, stylus, as I can sketch and take notes. But still I cant use it with my Evernote/Peninsula apps.

From business point of view, I assume, that Evernote got some commitments like supporting Adonit`s jot script and not integrating other stylus.

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Not happening. Why would they do it? Penultimate integration with their (Evernote's) styluses gives their product some market differentiation from other parties styluses like Apple Pencil, Pencil by 53, Wacom's styluses, etc.

It could happen that they'd do it for the users sake, but EN doesn't strike me as a user friendly company.

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Hi there,


YES from me too. I would really love this. all dough i would rather have it work in the Evernote App itself on iOS. without using Penultimate.
Microsofts Nonette ist starting to work in that way, but i rather use Evernote. :-)

hope this will work  

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wacom bamboo stylus?  or other bluetooth styli?  would be great to have more than one (expensive) option.  I bought a wacom bamboo to use with notesplus - read too many horror stories about adonit so have not used penultimate.  BUT latest update works pretty well with the wacom, even though it's not sync'ed.  Would love some of the features in notesplus incorporated in penultimate ex. a palm rest area manually selected so i don't keep leaving smudges.  Just some thoughts.  Thanks.

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This would be fantastic!

I have a Jot, which is basically unusable with Penultimate, and a Pencil, which is fantastic.

I would love to be able to use by Pencil with Penultimate and toss the Jot in a drawer to be written off as the waste of money it was.

Make it happen, Evernote team!

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