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  1. I agree with you gazumped. Maybe, and that's some maybe, Evernote has finally moved on from expanding its user base and will finally focus on developing their platform more. It'd be really wonderful to need only one app on my iPad for handwritting and with Evernote's platform integration.
  2. Ok, you're talking about Evernote doing their jobs. If they don't fix the bugs in their software or stop processing their customers data users will eventually migrate to a software that does it.
  3. I'm coming to the conclusion the Evernote company just don't care about it's customers as it used to, else they'd have already implemented the changes users keep asking all the time, e.g. handwritting annotations on pdfs.
  4. Not happening. Why would they do it? Penultimate integration with their (Evernote's) styluses gives their product some market differentiation from other parties styluses like Apple Pencil, Pencil by 53, Wacom's styluses, etc. It could happen that they'd do it for the users sake, but EN doesn't strike me as a user friendly company.
  5. I'd go with DTLow on this one, go Notability if you're handwriting notes. Evernote and Penultimate are complementary products in a sense that what one does the other does not. And where a complete integration between both would make an awesome note taking app, Evernote seems not to care. Even more, the support for Apple Pencil or other non-Evernote styluses is awful on both apps. You could try goodnotes, is an awesome digital paper app, but only that.
  6. It's not happening or it would've been implemented by now. Maybe it's an Evernote styluses exclusive like with Bamboo writing app. So sad.
  7. So basically gazumped doesn't know. I don't know either, Teddy.
  8. I think you're confusing things, snap to shape would be Penultimate's feature to draw shapes, which until today I don't recall existing.
  9. I think penultimate for ipad doesn't have snap to shape, at least mine doesn't.
  10. Penultimate's palm rejection works poorly as I keep leaving dots on the screen where my hand rests, plus the lasso tool leaves little dots when you cut some writing. You still can't, after 4 years of requests, import PDFs into the app...
  11. Okay, so i worked on it a bit and found out that the problem is with the proprietary filetype of penultimate, which does not support PDF's until today. Sorry folks, you're not going to find it anytime soon. Also, I want to say, support for apple pencil in the app is really bad. Penultimate's team have a lot of potential, you can see through the app, but it seems to me EN is stalling that potential.
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