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  1. getting slow after a few network errors; other than that, works perfect.
  2. Will it be possible to still share notebooks with users in international site?
  3. currently whenever Skitch Main App starts, Mac switches to discrete graphic card. would it be possible for Skitch Main App to always use integrated graphics card? very similar to
  4. It's a bit annoying when open the JavaScript console and see log from here every time: addTo.addEventListener("message", function (request) { if (request.name && handlers[request.name]) { console.log("Handling message " + request.name); handlers[request.name](request.message, {tab: request.target}, null); } }, false);
  5. If I made some quick change to the note and print before hit Cmd-S, the content before change will be printed, which is very annoying. OS X 10.6.8 Version 2.2.1 (154267)
  6. Well, I understood the clean UI is not top priority for Evernote. Maybe it's time to hack the toolbars out by myself: Replace /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/NoteEditorView.nib with http://d.pr/CKUO Tested with Version 2.1.0 (142777). Backup yourself and no warranty at all... 8)
  7. Thank you all the same! I have multiple collection windows, each focus on one notebook and stay in different space/monitor for different context. Tags and Saved Search are rarely used for me. Basicly I'm previous user of Notational Velocity and seek(hopefully not dream) for similar user experience ( clean UI + full keyboard ) in Evernote.
  8. Thank you, but none of my asked seems existing in the faq (and Evernote UI as I can see)
  9. I'm dragging the divide line to left, however it seems there's a minimum width of left column so i cannot hide it but only narrow it.
  10. Possible to have menu item / hotkey to Go Previous/Next Note Go Previous/Next Notebook Delete Note Focus in Note Editor Focus in Note Title
  11. So that requires Premium? one good reason for me to pay though.
  12. a) Is it possible to hide left column (Notebook/Tag) and editor toolbar (URL/Tag/Format) ? is it possible to have a list view with 3 columns?
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