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Can I use Google docs?

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I use evernote on an android tablet.  Until now I have used the recommended "Quick Office" to edit or view office documents stored in EN.  I read this morning that Google either has or is going to remove quickoffice from the playstore, because they want people to use their docs.  


I do like Google docs, and have the stand alone apps.  Is there a way I can open and edit documents stored in En on android with either Google docs online or the stand alone apps?





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I use Quickoffice too,  and I don't think you'll lose the facility anytime soon.  Actually I have several PDF readers and Android gives me a choice between them because I haven't selected one to 'always' be used for PDF files.  That sort of choice can be changed in your Application settings - but worry about it when your PDFs stop opening easily in Quickoffice.

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Actually, yes, Google is reportedly planning on killing QuickOffice. So you're right in saying that you'd now use Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides (which are great apps, btw).


I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but can't you choose what app to open your file with, on Android? eg. if you click on a spreadsheet in evernote, and you have QuickOffice and Google Sheets installed, it should ask you which you want to open it with, correct?

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