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  1. I made a copy of the note and synced. The note opens as it should. thanks...
  2. Hello, I've got a weird situation. I use evernote in Windows most of the time. I scanned a document using the document scanner. It synced fine. I opened the note in Windows, and later, on my Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab). So far so good. A week later, I got a 7" Kindle Fire from my wife. After installing Evernote and syncing, so that all notes were available, I tried to open the note mentioned above. A different, and totally unrelated note displayed. I exited the app and tried again with the same result. Also rebooting the Kindle Fire and tried again with the same result. All other notes open fine on my Kindle Fire. The note is still fine in the Windows app and in the web client. Any ideas how I can open the correct note on the Kindle? Thanks for any help.
  3. Hey all, On my PC, when I right click in a note that has check boxes, I can click, and automatically check or uncheck all check boxes. Wondering if there was a way to do that in android evernote? Thanks for any help. SB
  4. Hey, When I use the web clipper in chrome (windows) to clip a video in youtube, I see in evernote a new note with a link to the video, and also the video. My question is, is the actual video saved in evernote, or is it just a link to youtube? Thanks SB
  5. Never mind...I got it. Select all notes than cntrl/alt 'T' Thanks
  6. Hey, I use evernote primarily in windows and on android. I have been using it heavily for a couple years, and have about 1000 notes. I would like to clear the tags from all notes, to start over with a different tagging system. Wondering if there is a way to remove all tags from all notes. Thanks for any help. SB
  7. You know, I had seen that check box,but it didn't seem to me to be right. Camera works just right again. Thanks a lot...
  8. Hey all, While in evernote on my android phone (galaxy S3), a pop up question appeared when i went to use the 'document camera'. I have used it successfully many times before. With out reading the message, I pushed the button to get rid of the pop up. Too late I realized that I had just made the regular camera the default for evernote. Now when I tap the 'document camera' button on my evernote widget the regular camera comes up rather than the evernote camera or document camera. If I push the back button I go back to a blank note, and can get to the document camera from there. I can't find where/how to reset the evernote camera app back to evernote. Can't find a setting in evernote. When I look in my phone settings under 'default applications', there is no entry for evernote or the camera. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
  9. steelbender

    What font

    Hey, Really liking the look of the latest beta on the web. Wondering what the default font is? Mike
  10. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows if we can pay for Evernote Premium with a check or money order rather than a credit card?
  11. Hey all, I just noticed a problem. I am using Evernote 5.6.4.... in windows 8. I tried to create a table in a note. The table was there, but was invisible. As in no outline of the the columns and rows. I have created and used tables many times, but have never seen this. I went on the web client and created a table without a problem. After syncing, I went back to the windows client and found a table where I created it,but it also had no borders around columns and rows. I signed out of the windows client and signed back in, but that did not help. Any advice would be appreciated. Mike
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