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  1. I made a copy of the note and synced. The note opens as it should. thanks...
  2. Hello, I've got a weird situation. I use evernote in Windows most of the time. I scanned a document using the document scanner. It synced fine. I opened the note in Windows, and later, on my Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab). So far so good. A week later, I got a 7" Kindle Fire from my wife. After installing Evernote and syncing, so that all notes were available, I tried to open the note mentioned above. A different, and totally unrelated note displayed. I exited the app and tried again with the same result. Also rebooting the Kindle Fire and tried again with the same re
  3. Hey all, I have numerous PDF's scanned into Evernote, that aren't indexed. Some have been in EN for a month (I am a premium member). I have tried logging out of the windows client and logging back in, I also deleted and redownloaded the database file. So far no luck. I have seen other similar issues on the forum, but can't really tell if they have been resolved. This is a pretty important issue, because I can't edit the pdfs in skitch as I should. Any help would be appreciated Also, yes I have chatted with support and started a ticket last week. No answers yet. Thanks SB
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