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Pin Board in Evernote

Ronnie Mac




Feature request. 


Recently I have been wanting to pin certain notes to a pin board for easier access later. Yes, I understand that you can tag a note and then use that tag later to recall your notes. While that is great I believe a Pin Board feature where you can have all your notes displayed on a board would be awesome and a very useful tool. They could even be displayed in the Card View


If this already exists I would appreciate someone directing me where to look. My apologies if this is a duplicate post. 


Thanks for an awesome product.


Later Days,

Ronnie Mac

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I would suggest looking at using Evernote Reminders to pin notes to a convenient location. I don't know how they work on the Mac, but in the other Evernote clients that I work with (Windows, Android, web), notes with reminders appear at the top of the vertically-oriented note lists (Snippet, Card, etc.), and so are easily accessible (list view users are generally out of luck, unfortunately). The user interfaces on the different clients do differ, so there may be an easier way on the Mac client. Probably some Mac user will come along and give you a better answer. But I like Reminders in general, and they will transfer across to other clients.

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There you go. I know even less about third-party Evernote apps for the Mac than I do about Evernote on the Mac. :)


Actually card desk is a web-based app that works for Windows users too...  ;)


Yes, But I love the way the iMac looks on that link! :D

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