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  1. In hindsight, I feel it necessary to apologize. My lack of knowledge on the data appearing in my account frustrated me and I allowed that frustration to ferment. I was frustrated with several issues that hit in a small time frame, however, that is no justification for my rants. I made several posts in this forum I consider less than professional. My posts were never meant to be malicious! If you wish to delete them, I agree. If you wish to leave them up as an example of what “not to do”, I agree. I want to extend my apology to Evernote, Terry O., Dave Engberg, the Evangelists and all other Forum users. I apologize for any undue harm or discontent I may have caused any of you. I should have handled the situation more discreetly and with greater respect for all involved. I (me and my small group of users) am only one insignificant user out of over 100 Million, and keeping that in perspective, I now feel fortunate I receive(d) any reply from Evernote when submitting tickets. So, for that I am grateful! I hope you accept this apology as it comes from the bottom of my heart. I hope you take it as it is meant, as well as an attempt to foster a kindred spirit. I wish Evernote, it’s employees and it’s users the best of luck and most success in the future. I also hope the upcoming 2014 Evernote Conference is a rocking conference for all! Sincerely, Sentinel
  2. Dave, I do appreciate the visit in the Forum and would have apprecited a bit more information in our discussions in the Support emails back and forth. Thank you for the detailed response! Well worded and about what I anticipated. I am glad Evernote has a handle on this issue. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing you are on it. Thank you!
  3. I would very much like to hear from an Evernote employee about several issues. However, they simply will not respond! I will be on the sidelines watching and listening, waiting for one of two things to happen: EN will either step up to the plate or they will continue their nonchalant, indifference to it's users.
  4. Agree BNF! I too feel like I lost a friend. That emotion was my only drive to attempt deeper communication with EN. However, like you, I need to move on as well. I do hope they come back with better service and support. They have a potentially great product and I could excuse some of the bugs IF there was simply better communication from EN. But once again today, I was brushed off because they were not interested in discussing the issues any further. Thank you BNF and all the other Evangelists (too many to list, but you know who you are!) for your help to me and all the others over the years!
  5. Here is my latest update with EN Support as of today. If you use a Third Party App integration with Evernote, please BECAREFUL! I submitted a ticket requesting an update on the Open Ticket I had regarding Notes and Notebooks appearing in my account in June 2014. After numerous emails back and forth with Terry O., and much incentive from me, it was finally determined the Notes & Notebooks that appeared in my account came from two sources, which are third party apps which can be used in conjunction with Evernote: SpringPad Migration Tool and CloudHQ -In June 2014, I connected CloudHQ to my Evernote account for use as backup. I disconnected that account later in June 2014 when I discovered these Notes and Notebooks appearing. -I have never had a SpringPad Account. It was determined that some of the Notes and Notebooks that were not mine but found their way into my account, was done via CloudHQ. I still do not know who those Notes and Notebooks belong to nor what they contained. Evernote assures my NONE of MY Notes or Notebooks have been inadvertently placed in someone else's account. Okay! Other Notes and Notebooks appeared in my account from SpringPad’s Migration Tool from SpringPad to Evernote in June 2014. I still don’t know who those Notes and Notebooks belong to nor what they contained. I did not have a SpringPad account, so whatever SpringPad sent to my account was not my information. Interesting! I wonder how many people have not noticed this happening to their account. Evernote does not initiate any moving of data into their service from a third party applicatin without someone authorizing that transfer of data. It seems both of the third party apps mentioned above transferred data into my Evernote account in error. Somehow, CloudHQ crosswired someone else’s Evernote data into my Evernote account. I have not addressed this issue with CloudHQ as of yet. I wanted to get one investigation done at time. As for SpringPad’s Miigration Tool, well, I simply do not know what to say there. Somehow, someone’s SpringPad data was inadvertently sent to my Evernote account. If Evernote said it came from SpringPad, well then, I guess it did, but not from me! It could not have since I did not have an account with SpringPad. Since SpringPad does not exist anymore, I guess I will never find out. Both of these issues came on the heels of another user having someone elses data “emailed” into his Evernote account, even after the email account was changed. I am not sure the results of that investigation. I requested Evernote come out with a public statement addressing these issues in an attempt to be transparent, explainig Evernote did not transfer the data into the accounts, rather a third party app did. I suggested this could only help Evernote with it’s users and their concerns. No reply from EN on this. In additon, I provided the following to Terry O. during our discussions back and forth: Conerns voiced by other EN Power Users: Data NOT Secure in EN (May 2014 a user reported Notes being emailed into his account. Notes contained sensitive data (No one knows if this has been resolved???. Then Notes appearing in my account without investigation as to why/how -until today-) Extremely Slow Support Service (in the recent months this has become an increasingly worse) EN Support sending Users who submit Support Tickets to the User Forum for help instead of EN Support providing the help. Insufficient Answers from Support (Which is what I was getting in June when no one investigated my support requests as you finally did this time) Removing of Features in the Desktop Clients WITHOUT any discussion from EN with it’s users. (EN simply removed features without telling the users and with no explanation as to why) Poor (NO) Communication from EN about issues the users take serious. No public announcement to the users about the resolution of either case where Notebooks and Notes appeared in a user’s account. Users need answers to these problems, not excuses, so they can feel comfortable in using the EN service. But hey, even excuses at this point would be better than what we are receiving, which is nothing. Silence! And silence does not foster good relationships, satisfaction, comfort, security, etc. Inexcusable No-Return Policy in your Market. Not that all power users purchase from EN (too expensive), rather, who wants to trust a company who does not offer a return policy? Think about the simplicity of return policies in the world of retail, and EN does not have one? This provides a lack of TRUST IN EVERNOTE. Take my money and run! - all of the above makes the users feel as though EN has no interest in their users. You just want our money, then run! No reply to me about these issues. Terry O. simply said that if anyone else has issues they wish to be addressed by Evernote, for them to submit a support ticket. So, if you share any of the above conerns or any other concerns about Evernote and their service, I encourage you to submit a support ticket. It seems obvious they are not willing to address these issues any further with me! I guess I will submit a separate ticket on this. It seems it is best to address one issue at a time per ticket. Good luck!
  6. Interesting to hear a Business/Premium user has to wait days before getting a response. Very sorry to hear this, but it is not the first time, I grant you that! There is no telling what they will find in regards to the dates changing. I am using EN Version 5.6.0 public and will not be upgrading to any newer version because of so many bugs and issues being reported. Good luck with Support. If there is anything we can do for you here, let us know.
  7. Hi Jo. I am not sure I will be able to help, but I will try since no one else has responded to your post as of yet. What version of the EN client are you using? Do I understand you correct when you say, the modification dates are changing without anyone actually making any changes to the Notes? Is anything else about the Notes changing? Such as Tags assigned to them, the Notebooks they are assigned to, etc? In regards to EN Support not responding to you, I am assuming you submitted a Support Ticket. What date and time did you submit the Ticket?
  8. I could not say it better! With this in mind, I am having difficulty migrating toward anything that will not allow my OS to search for and use my files without the app that organized them. (I think I said that right) Thus, having an app to organize the files in their original format, with the ability to clip items (web, email, etc) into a format I can readily use a basic app for editing, etc. Otherwise, in 2-3 years, I should only expect to face the same dilemma I am faced with now! I too, had placed all my "expectations" in EN for that long term use. Now I am having to use anti-bacterial creme and a band-aid on that bite I recently received! And it stings!
  9. It appears, all you need is an email address for anyone you wish to collaborate with. They then need at least the free version in order to participate. So, work or at home, from my perspective.
  10. From what I have read, they are a web based solution for laptops and desktops with an android app and iOS app. So, yes! I am intrigued!
  11. Has anyone ever used or investigated Intellinote? https://www.intellinote.net
  12. Very good point! But wouldn't you like to sit in on a meeting and share a thought or two?! Although I don't dare place myself in their category, I did however, learn from the "Greatest Generation" in many aspects of life. Business was one. EN needs a bit more growth in...(well, I am left without the proper words)...Anyone?
  13. @GM: I think this is the first time I have had any level of disagreement with you on anything you have ever said in this forum. I do see you point and somewhat agree. However, I don't consider my posts as grousing. Rather toward suffusing the issues. In addition, I was asked to write my last post and with that, others may come forward as well. If you or someone else creates another location to continue the search for alternatives to EN other than this post, please let me know! I am extremely interested in the opinion of the group in this forum. A great group of people! Having said that, let me reiterate my desire to have EN be more stable on the core product. I have many needs EN could fulfill, however, I find it prudent to keep any information out of EN, to include Lesson Plans, Investigative Research and even my work journal, which has only first names in it. I consider those items only personal, not sensitive. No one could really make heads or tales of some of the information without being able to place it in context. Nonetheless, at this point, I am not even willing to trust EN employees with any of my information. Back to that zero knowledge point you made earlier!
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