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GTDNext.com Evernote Integration?


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GTDNext is an awesome new GTD web application that combines GTD principles with an outline structure with an unlimited number of projects, sub-projects and tasks. 


Currently there is no Evernote integration.  The question I have is what would be the best way to integrate Evernote with GTDNext?


  • Allow links to specific evernote notes?  As reference material?
  • Automatically pull in lines of text with checkmarks applied to the inbox?
  • Link to specific tags or notebooks?

It seems like there are a lot of possibilities.  What makes sense?

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This is a closed beta at the moment and the website only invites applications.  Difficult to suggest much at this stage...


Hi Gazumped - We are getting close to a version 1, so we are accepting new testers very fast.  In fact I think I already approved your request.  Thanks for checking it out!

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Yup - I now have so many to-do apps on trial I have trouble remembering which one I'm actually using in the RW!


To answer your original post - now that I've had a quick play with GTDN - it is pretty important for me to have the option to save email and web page clips,  scans of letters and documents,  pictures and even sound files in connection with an action,  and GTDN can quite simply do that by linking to an EN note.  It's necessary to spend some time in EN setting up the note and syncing before a link can be generated.  As well as the user copying the link and pasting it into an Action,  you could also make a connection by recognising checkboxes,  special tags or a specific notebook - or by showing a list of notebooks in your app so users can navigate to the note directly and create a link from there.  If you could also allow your users to create notes from an Action item,  that would be great - means I can set up a quick appointment in GTDN directly,  then research the background and add information to the linked EN note later...


I'd say the most important considerations are:

  1. creation of EN notes in the default notebook (and links in both direction) from actions
  2. look-up of notebooks/ notes from GTDN to create links
  3. add tag and create a link to an action - add checkboxes from tagged notes as sub-tasks
  4. add all notes from specified notebook

One thing I also think you need to add (or maybe I didn't find it yet..) - I added a due date to some actions,  but I don't seem able to call up even a list of actions in due date order,  or find a calendar view.  I hope some of that's in your to-do list somewhere..  :)


Nice app though - the outliner style listing is great.

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I am a new GTDNext user and a new Evernote user and a new IQTell user.  In fact, I am on a quest to find the perfect task management tool(s) for me.  GTDN is going to win because it is the only one I have found with the infinite-level outlining/nesting and the drag/drop sorting and re-ordering in all views.  However I definitely do need Evernote integration.


Evernote alone does not work for task management.  I also really, really need Evernote to allow nested folders down multiple levels, so I was delighted to find the link Treeliner in the discussion notes here.  I checked it out.  Awesome.


TaskClone, I've found, can send Evernote notes (with the appropriate tag) to the designated task app where the checkboxes within become Actions.  And there is a link back to the Evernote note.


Still, the best model for Evernote integration is IQTell.  As I have said elsewhere, IQTell has amazing features, integration with Evernote, integration with Outlook, reminders and alarms, and aggregated email accounts but I can't use it sensibly because it does not have the awesome outlining/nesting/sorting/drag-drop capabilities of GTDnext.


If GTDN would just do everything IQTell does with Evernote, I'd be purring like a happy cat.




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Okay, let's get specific on how GTDNext should do Evernote integration.


It seems there are two major things people want with EN integration.

  1. Ability to turn EN Notes into tasks and projects
  2. Ability to utilize EN Notes as reference material to GTDNext tasks and projects.

Am I missing a third major integration point?


For the first item- I've seen several different ways to do the integration.  

  • Use tags in EN to specify that a note should be a project or a task
  • Use the check mark boxes as a signal that the note contains a task that should be synced with GTDNext

Which method is best?  What would people want?


Second, for the notes features.  I've also seen several ways to do this.  What do people prefer?

  • Tasks in GTDNext should have an easy link over to EN to access multiple resource "notes".
  • Ability to specify an exisitng note in EN or create a new note in EN that could be viewed and edited in GTDNext.

Preferences?  Other ideas?



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Quick update on GTDNext / Evernote Integration


GTDNext has released two new feature that make it work with Evernote really well.


Feature 1:  Email to GTDNext inbox from any email account.  This means GTDNext now works with Taskclone.  All your evernote tasks can now appear in GTDNext. (blog post)

Feature 2:  Links to URL's.  Save any URL to your task and project details.  For Evernote that now means you can attach multiple notes to any project or task.  (blog post)


I'm loving the combination of GTDNext and Evernote!

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