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Navigating Between Skitch Images

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I'd like a way to more quickly navigate between a number of Skitch image files. Currently, there are two views: gallery and detail image. To go from one image to another, it's necessary to back out to the gallery view, then double-click on the thumbnail to access the detail image. When working with a number of images it would be nice facilitate this somewhat awkward navigation. Two ideas:

  1. Add Previous/Next buttons and keyboard shortcuts
  2. Have a persistent view (like Evernote) on the side showing all the Skitch images
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A next / previous image though would be much quicker. I'm currently redacting something from 40 images. Having to go back to gallery, find the next image, open, do my stuff etc.. is very cumbersome. Hitting CMD - Left/Right arrow would be much less so.

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+1 this thread!

Please, every time I use evernote I hope for this feature, of next and previous buttons.  Been using it daily assuming that some time this will be added.  it really is a drag to have to click back to the gallery to select the next image.  It would improve the usability of skitch immensely, if there was a next and previous button added.

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Both (1) the ability to flip thru the gallery from within a single image view (e.g., using arrow keys) and (2) being able to sort based on something other than "when was this clip accessed" are on the top of my list for Skitch.  I  think something like the "Quick Look" capability would be helpful, where you could click on the gallery thumbnail, and have it show up in another window as the full image.  As you click on different images, they would show up in the other window.  I am frequently clipping large numbers of image files that are subtly different, and I have to remember which one I clipped when and then when I accessed it last - going back and forth to the gallery. 

For sorting and filtering, it would be great to sort/filter on things like date/time added, date/time accessed, date/time modified, file name, which application was captured (Skitch seems to know this), whether its been annotated or not, file format, and tags(!!).  Wouldn't it be great if we could tag our screen shots and then have those tags show up in EN too (Wow, I know right?).  I could tag the images in each project and be able thru filtering to just work with the images I need for that project. 

While I'm thinking about it, why can't I add text to a Skitch note in EN? That seems like a basic capability for a note taking app.  

Rant over, pandemic out

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