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  1. I noticed a note created at 0315 with a title - Hello Evernote, content - Evernote <a bit.ly link>, <my first name> On inspecting the info, the note was created by email, identifying my name but with a random email address, not my own. Should I be worried? I do hold some sensitive data in my evernote Is there a way to ensure notes can only be generated via my email address? I thought this was standard procedure. Cheers
  2. Hey, I cross reference my notes several times in a day and have recently upgraded my iPad to iOS 11. I use Evernote across macbooks, iphone, ipad and android and am really confused as your references to internal links seems to be different across these platforms. Is there not a simple, clear, cross platform method of being able to get a link to another note which is represented by the title of the note, without having the note accessible as a public note?
  3. And being able to sort the gallery other than last edited
  4. A next / previous image though would be much quicker. I'm currently redacting something from 40 images. Having to go back to gallery, find the next image, open, do my stuff etc.. is very cumbersome. Hitting CMD - Left/Right arrow would be much less so.
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