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  1. Right?! Maybe we should do a Kickstarter campaign or create a big bounty for it. Clearly Not a priority for Evernote. Just waiting for CloudApp or someone else to catch up to their feature set so I can switch. Looking forward to paying for a product from a company that’s paying attention.
  2. Here's my testing results: 2.8 Can drag successfully to Apple Mail and desktop, but fails to Slack 2.8.1 Can drag successfully to Slack and desktop, but fails to Mail CMON Evernote!! Is this so hard? Or are you sunsetting Skitch because you want us all to switch to CloudApp or other products? You don't have any engineers available to fix this 2-year old bug?
  3. Hi Matthew, I'm on a Mac also, up-to-date on MacOS and other apps, and am now able to drag to Slack (I don't have Jira)...
  4. Matthew, I got these instructions from Evernote support. Basically a very clean reinstallation: If Skitch is running, press Command + Q to quit the Skitch application Download App Cleaner from the App Cleaner website When the download is complete: open the zip file, then open the App Cleaner app Open the ‘Applications’ folder in your Finder and drag Skitch to the App Cleaner window After App Cleaner searches for and lists all related files, click Remove Right-click (or Ctrl + Click) on your Mac’s Trash and select Empty Trash Reboot your computer Download and install Skitch for Mac Version 2.8.1 from Mac App Store Open Skitch and log in to your Evernote account
  5. Yes, it's fixed in 2.8.1. Wouldn't it have been nice if Evernote actually read this thread and told us? I feel like they are asleep at the wheel, while other products pass them by. CloudApp, Notion, there are so many.
  6. Chris, because this bug is so pervasive for me, and the need for annotated screenshots is a key part of my workflow, I'm experimenting with other tools. I'm not sure what's happening with Evernote's support of Skitch; they tell me they have no timetable for fixing this. I'm pretty happy with CloudApp; it also has the virtue of recording videos and GIFs, if that's a need. The workflow (keyboard shortcut, annotate, drag) is pretty similar. And there is automatic upload and copy of the link to your clipboard. Only downside is I liked having the searchable screenshots as part of my Evernote library . But I'd rather have a working product with an actual roadmap than an unsupported buggy application.
  7. I reported this bug to tech support a couple of weeks ago and so far no resolution. When I try to drag an unannotated screenshot from Skitch to another application, or just to a finder window, one of two things happens: Skitch crashes, or The previous screenshot is dragged instead of the one I just took. Anyone else seeing this?
  8. How about just a keyboard shortcut for DELETE? Delete only moves notes to Trash, so accidental deletion is not a danger.
  9. I'd like a way to more quickly navigate between a number of Skitch image files. Currently, there are two views: gallery and detail image. To go from one image to another, it's necessary to back out to the gallery view, then double-click on the thumbnail to access the detail image. When working with a number of images it would be nice facilitate this somewhat awkward navigation. Two ideas: Add Previous/Next buttons and keyboard shortcuts Have a persistent view (like Evernote) on the side showing all the Skitch images
  10. +1 from me too; want a way to combine Skitches
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