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  1. After update Skitch conflicting with Mojave's new shortcut for the screenshots. I updated default shortcuts settings and now everything ok. However, Evernote has to do something with that because many users don't know how to solve this problem.
  2. It does not matter. ENML does not impose any restrictions on the creation of an internal Table of content in the note. This is only a matter of tasks priority for the Evernote team.
  3. Why do you think so? Evernote is a universal text editor. Evernote does not remember the last location which you viewed in the note. Also, if a note has more than 50,000 characters (about 7,000 words + images), it's terribly inconvenient and long to scroll to find the necessary information without the navigational anchor points. The current implementation of Table of content in Evernote (linking different notes in the new note) this is not a very elegant option, as it generates a mess in Notebook. Especially if you can not create sub-notebooks to place all related to Table of content notes in one place.
  4. Just my feeling, based on visiting this forum and the constant requests from other users.
  5. Most wanted thing last few years But Evernote team doesn't care.
  6. I noticed the bug, Evernote in latest version didn't remember selected view mode for documents in the note. For example, I have set state to "Inline", but after I opened note little bit later document whatever was in "Attachment" mode.
  7. Clipper stopped working with the latest update
  8. In the latest version of Web Clipper, no more option "Clip image to Evernote" which was available in earlier versions. Why? Earlier: Now:
  9. Currently 'gotham' override styles with more common fonts (like Helvetica, etc.) which support Cyrillic.
  10. rezecib, thanks! I'm also using latest Mac and Chrome. What are you see, when opening this link https://www.evernote.com/l/AmspiYdP6GJHe5Yj2zSrLDB_IR3mN2KE2u4? Are all text fonts equal? P.S. I hope to see the new version of the web client as soon as possible)
  11. Currently, in Evernote Web font doesn't support Cyrillic and other languages. And it looks ugly if you combine few languages in one document: Link to test document: https://www.evernote.com/l/AmspiYdP6GJHe5Yj2zSrLDB_IR3mN2KE2u4 Can you use unified font file for all languages in the web app? Not 'gotham' which doesn't support any language except English. --- P.S. The styles of all text absolutely the same, here screen from the desktop app:
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