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Online Checklists



Our business relies on checklists for every task. We currently use paper checklists, but as our workforce spreads out geographically and works remotely, we need an online solution for all our paper checklists. We have a software solution designed specifically for our business (property management) but it doesn't have a checklist or customizeable workflow option.


I know we can create to do lists in Evernote, but I'm unsure of what the workflow should look like?


Where should the checklists be stored? In a "Blank Forms" notebook? When we start a checklist for a task, how do we keep it up to date? Create notebooks for every client? Or have a general notebook for "In Progress"? The In Progress notebook would allow everyone to have one spot to look at the status of each task.  When a checklist is completed, we'd like to upload to our business software as a PDF.


Any suggestions on setting up a system like this? Thanks so much!

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Jennifer, I have some thoughts to share with you, but don't have time right now.

I'll post something later today/tonight.


But I would recommend that you edit your post and remove your email address.  Otherwise you're likely to get a lot of spam, and maybe even some malware.   You can share your email by PM with specific people, if you so choose.

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You could create a notebook called Checklists and store your blank checklist templates there. 


When you need to fill one out, use the "Copy to Notebook.." feature (might be called something different in the Apple version.


I usually copy my blank template to my Actions-Pending notebook. Once the copied template (checklist) is completed, I move it to an appropriate notebook.


Here is what my blank phone template looks like.


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