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Suggestion - Evernote Tag management: right-click to 'move tag'

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I have a lot of tags, nested in the way I like.  However, to add a new tag to this mix is time consuming - requiring a lot of dragging and closing/opening tag hierarchies.  There are many others in the same boat, but I have not seen this idea mentioned so I mention it here - apologies if I missed it and please move accordingly.   ^_^


IMHO, Evernote tag management could be significantly strengthened if the user was presented an option on right-click of any tag to move it - and then a subsequent clickable hierarchy was presented - exactly in the same manner that the 'move to notebook' operates with notes.


This could be a feature for at least both Windows and Mac clients.


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Great idea RL77 !!!  That would be very useful.


I'd like to add that this should apply anywhere tags are displayed: Side panel, main panel, tags on Notes.


When right-clicking on a tag, it should present all operations that can be performed on that tag:

  • Move ...
  • Delete ...
  • Rename
  • Filter on
  • etc

I'd also like to reinforce the need for this on BOTH Windows and Mac clients.

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What happened to this idea?  I have lots of "location" tags for towns and cities which I have created on the fly.  Now trying to get them stacked under the Locations stack header is a nightmare - dragging and dropping while the page scrolls (or doesn't!!) makes this near impossible.

Right click on location and a "move to stack" option with a drop down list would fix it at a stroke.

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@Graham Roberts

For what its worth, I gave up completely on tag hierarchies in EN. I have also significantly altered the way I use EN - not using it as much as I used to.  I now use tags mostly as 'smart folders' - so if (and this is on Mac - no idea about PC) I right-click a tag in a note that I want to 'drill down' - I can 'filter by that tag' (which incidentally seems to be implemented from @JMichaelTX's suggestion above) - giving me an 'expanded notebook view'.  This is better than notebooks b/c it is cross-notebook (for example picking up something I have put into pinboard as well - which is linked to EN and goes to a common notebook - but has the corresponding tag).  However, I do still need notebooks as this functionality is completely missing on EN for mobile devices - it is WAY easier to just either search or go to notebook.  So I duplicate the work for stuff I suspect might be checking on mobile.

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