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  1. The header says it all. I know Catalina is Beta, but the ToDoist Safari extension still exists and there are several others. Has anyone else come across this?
  2. Evernote 7.0.2 MacOS 10.13.3 I’m getting a lot of this hanging, while my Mac is seeming to sync. Creating a note (Cmd-N) takes up to a minute to present the blank note template and I’ve frequently creating a few new notes by mistake, thinking my keyboard had gone to sleep.
  3. I'm not getting the prompt either. It stopped appearing a few days ago and I thought it was because the person I'd met used their personal address (not their business card email address) to sign in to LN. However, that's clearly not the case. I have signed out of Evernote and back in - I was not disconnected but thought it worthwhile resetting. Any suggestions please????
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