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  1. @Graham Roberts For what its worth, I gave up completely on tag hierarchies in EN. I have also significantly altered the way I use EN - not using it as much as I used to. I now use tags mostly as 'smart folders' - so if (and this is on Mac - no idea about PC) I right-click a tag in a note that I want to 'drill down' - I can 'filter by that tag' (which incidentally seems to be implemented from @JMichaelTX's suggestion above) - giving me an 'expanded notebook view'. This is better than notebooks b/c it is cross-notebook (for example picking up something I have put into pinboard as well - which is linked to EN and goes to a common notebook - but has the corresponding tag). However, I do still need notebooks as this functionality is completely missing on EN for mobile devices - it is WAY easier to just either search or go to notebook. So I duplicate the work for stuff I suspect might be checking on mobile.
  2. Oh - never mind - I changed the option under sort by: to relevance and now the column is back! Bug?
  3. I am using Evernote 6.6 on my Mac and noticed today that the 'relevance' column under 'Side List View' and 'Top Lit View' seems to have gone missing. Where did it go? Did I somehow disable it and - if so - how to get it back?
  4. I have honestly been off and on with Evernote. I will say the (last yearish) interface improvements are very good and I am using the app more - particularly for scans. I was thinking today that one area that I believe could significantly Evernote - especially for power users - would be to actually show (the current preview just shows a small snippet of two notes - when multiple notes are selected) - lets say 2-5 mini 'true' notes in preview when they are selected. Ideally, these could also be manipulated in certain ways - I am thinking along the lines of allowing simple compare/contrast - expand/collapse one of the previews. I think this kind of functionality would be unique in the market and very useful when users are wanting to compare several sources of information - but want to see three or so 'images' on the screen (at the same time). Also, another key item I haven't seen mentioned is the batch renaming of notes being built in - versus - say - an apple script such as here. Thanks.
  5. +1 The tip on using ENScript.exe as a workaround is quite helpful - but integration would be better!
  6. I have a lot of tags, nested in the way I like. However, to add a new tag to this mix is time consuming - requiring a lot of dragging and closing/opening tag hierarchies. There are many others in the same boat, but I have not seen this idea mentioned so I mention it here - apologies if I missed it and please move accordingly. IMHO, Evernote tag management could be significantly strengthened if the user was presented an option on right-click of any tag to move it - and then a subsequent clickable hierarchy was presented - exactly in the same manner that the 'move to notebook' operates with notes. This could be a feature for at least both Windows and Mac clients.
  7. Umm - maybe I am missing something - but if mac users are capable of highlighting, shouldn't it be visible (and an option) of EN online? Don't see it though...?
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