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Community Requested Features


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*The very highest on my list are better editing posibilities! Add a ruler so I can change margins, tabs and tabel cells for a start.

*Next  I would like to select a notebook or stack, and search only within the seleted notebook/stack without having to write "notebook:My notes" in the search field. Easy when I have one stack for work and another one for private stuff.

*I would also like to mark Notebooks to not be included in global searches, for instans have a special stack that are exluded. I collect a lot of stuff, and all is definitely not relevant.... If I want to search in these archives, then I would have to select the Excluded-stack.

*Encryption of a note and of a notebook across all devices.

*The posibility to add a reminder for a checkbox-line. This will be usefull for us that have a ToDo-note. (I use TaskClone.com). What about adding a Reminder "object"? That way I can add several reminders to one note.

*Buttons/menues with macros: Easily add a note based on a template note.

*Creation of Forms. Would be nice with the Macro-button feature. ie. quickly add a "Phonecall"-note.

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Let's create a centralized list for the features that the community would like to see.


A list of requested features, along with the "likes" and "dislikes" count for each, would be very interesting.  It's been tried here several times, and just degrades into a very long thread.  For this to be of any real value to us, it would have to be supported and maintained by Evernote, and they have said many times they are not interested.


One thing that could be done, rather easily I would hope, is to establish a Forum Tag for feature requests, or as we used to call them, Enhancement Requests (ER).  A tag of "ER" could be applied to each new thread that is a feature request.  But it would take the help of the Forum moderators to ensure this is always done.  I don't know if they are interested in, or would be willing to support this.


The Forum Search is not very good, but it is easy to search for a forum tag.  So that would be one way of getting a "list".

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There are a number of problems with centralised lists - not least that individuals tend not to

  • check whether there have been previous suggestions on the same lines
  • make 'unique' suggestions - lots of different and overlapping points here on email forinstance
  • explain their needs very clearly,  or
  • (if we did follow that suggestion) tag them correctly

Evernote have their own development schedule,  other ways of obtaining customer feedback (this ain't the only forum around) and their own philosophy of what is and is not 'Evernote'.


There was a definite thought that a voting system could be useful to determine demand* - but what if the top item is something that Evernote can't or won't consider?  That just breeds (even more) annoyance...  


*This might still be a possibility - don't know.


Plus maintaining a tag system means work - and most of us around here don't get paid enough (or at all) to manage something more formal..


Don't know what the answer is,  but any and all suggestions for Evernote features and/ or request systems will be considered,  I'm sure...


Actual adoption is above my (un)pay grade!

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