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  1. Hi Just updated to the latest beta ( (306134) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.30.2933)). When trying to drag files from Outlook (attachment in an email) into an Evernote note, I get the "forbidden" cursor. If I drop the file in the note-list, a new note is created with the attachment inside. Dragging from my desktop or file browser (I use Directory Opus), everything works OK and the file is attached to the note.
  2. I experienced the same problem. Workaround is to turn off "Single key reading using space bar" in Outlook. Found in Options/Mail/Outlook Panes - Reading Pane.
  3. *The very highest on my list are better editing posibilities! Add a ruler so I can change margins, tabs and tabel cells for a start. *Next I would like to select a notebook or stack, and search only within the seleted notebook/stack without having to write "notebook:My notes" in the search field. Easy when I have one stack for work and another one for private stuff. *I would also like to mark Notebooks to not be included in global searches, for instans have a special stack that are exluded. I collect a lot of stuff, and all is definitely not relevant.... If I want to search in these archives, then I would have to select the Excluded-stack. *Encryption of a note and of a notebook across all devices. *The posibility to add a reminder for a checkbox-line. This will be usefull for us that have a ToDo-note. (I use TaskClone.com). What about adding a Reminder "object"? That way I can add several reminders to one note. *Buttons/menues with macros: Easily add a note based on a template note. *Creation of Forms. Would be nice with the Macro-button feature. ie. quickly add a "Phonecall"-note.
  4. When searching for Tags, EN (5b2) doesn't serach "within" the tags. I wouldlike to have the same beavhiour as in the IOS-version. When string to type "mo" the list should contain all tags with "mo" in them ("mom", "memo", "accommodation") In Win EN 5b2, it only list from the start of the tag. This happens both in the Notes-view and when tagging a new/existing note. And add my +1 on the requests for better table handling. I would like to have the posibility to turn cell boarders on or off and the adjust the type of line (solid, dotted etc) and adjust the cell width the way I want. AND this must work on pasted tables as well. Today it is close to impossible to do any editing of tables. The first UI (beta1) was way to flat and white. Beta 2 is much better. I know the "wrapping" is important, but please make the editing tools/possibilities better as a pri1. A lot of us Evernote-users are using the editor to take notes, write speaches, blogs, minutes of meetings and so on, and therefor are in the need of a propper editing tool.
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