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(Archived) Separating Work and Personal Notes

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I've been using Evernote to store personal clippings and such, and have recently decided that I need to also store a lot of work related notes.

However I don't really want to mix up work stuff and personal stuff - has anyone got any tips other than creating a second account?

Currently I have just made a single "Work" notebook and place things in there with a tag.

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I had the same question yesterday - store personal stuff on my premium account and other stuff on a free account.

The response was:

The clients don't make it particularly smooth to switch between different accounts. The Mac, in particular, only stores one account at a time per Mac desktop login.

If you wanted to use one account purely from the web UI (e.g. with our Javascript bookmarklet web clipper), this could work, but might not be as convenient as you'd like.

I think I agree. Swapping back and forth might turn into a nightmare, especially if you make some mistakes and store important material in the wrong account.

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seems like you may be over thinking it? I use EN for 90% work and have notebooks for the big projects (trying to keep # of notebooks reasonable) and I have one called @home for personal, I have 13 notebooks total..

Examples other than big project names I have include @travel (for receipts, itinerary, bookings), @computers (software keys, hardware info),

Once you get comfy with tags, they can make things way easier..

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I also use one account for work & personal info. It's not that difficult if you use folder names & tags. Plus, I'm pretty good at adding in any "keywords" I think I may use when searching for a particular note. IE, I took a photo of the sign showing the hours of pickup at our local post office. When I added it into EN, I changed the title to "USPS pick up hours 20090702" (the date is helpful later, in case I want to know how current a note is & I don't have to check the EN creation date.) Anyway, I also added keywords of "post office". So later, if I'm looking for this note, it should show up if I search on 'post office' or USPS.

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