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  1. You should be able to select all the files, and drag them onto the note. they will then all be attached.
  2. As per the title - would be great to be able to collapse the Notebook header as we can with all the others. This would make it handier for those who organise mostly with Tags.
  3. OK, so to confirm. 1. Scan in document 2. Document goes through OCR software and gives you text and images. Currently you select all and paste into Evernote. Assume the OCRd document cant be saved as RTF? or PDF? If so then that could easily be put into Evernote. If not then maybe applescript could help automate it somehow.
  4. AFAIK Word docs are not searchable (due to the number of word doc types). Something I would love too!
  5. Same here - any changes I make online i'd like to see kept - - notebook view - be it list or thumbnail - which items in the sidebar are expanded/collapsed (seems tags always gets collapsed?) and so on, anything that can be modified by the user needs to be stored so its the same when they return. Secretly I'm hoping that there is a big revamp of the web version of evernote in the works
  6. It seems to go both ways - at one point the Mac version was getting more updates and the Windows users complained!
  7. Before about 10 minutes ago I didnt really get, or at least wasnt bothered to look into nested tags. I searched the forum and help and couldn't figure out how to do it for starters (you drag and drop the tags!) Now that I figured it out i've had one of those moments of realization - nested tags are awesome! I now see why there isnt much of a need for nested notebooks - I see why now Anyway - loving Evernote - tiem to reorganize my nots based on tags/nested tags!
  8. Folders would be nice - but I've just assumed its not coming Maybe a premium feature
  9. I like to clip interesting websites I come across - basically like bookmarking, but into evernote, which allows me to tag and add notes etc. Currently I just clip the URL. This is fine but does not really remind me of the webpage when i'm looking through my notes. The other option is to clip the whole page - this though generally doesnt keep formatting and is a bit of a mess. So my idea is to have an option to clip/create a thumbnail of the webpage - i.e. a jpg of the page as it is then, as a visual reminder. Maybe a scaled down version. so you would then have www.evernote.com followed by a small image of the website at the time of clipping - just an idea!
  10. I've been using Evernote to store personal clippings and such, and have recently decided that I need to also store a lot of work related notes. However I don't really want to mix up work stuff and personal stuff - has anyone got any tips other than creating a second account? Currently I have just made a single "Work" notebook and place things in there with a tag.
  11. I agree - version tracking (maybe on a per document basis) would be awesome!
  12. Just a quick thanks, the latest iPhone version that popped up today is brilliant - huge improvements!
  13. I'd have no problem paying for premium. It's not really very expensive, one less coffee or beer a month!
  14. During the last few weeks of using Evernote I have been keeping a list of features I feel may be missing, and changes that I would find useful. I will update the post as I add to my list. If a feature exists already - please let me know! [*:3iewvk12] Smart Notebooks/Folders - Notebooks that are populated based on rules. e.g. "All notes with the following tags", "excluding these tags", or "from web, contain the word 'banana' and were created in 2009" and so on [*:3iewvk12] Wiki-Style Links between notes - I have seen this requested before, quite self explanatory [*:3iewvk12] Expires attribute - ability to put an expiry date on a note. e.g. mark a receipt for expiring after 12 months. Expired items could either be deleted or moved to a folder/notebook. [*:3iewvk12] Version control on Notes - so able to view and revert to older copies. [*:3iewvk12] View OCR text output - unless I am mistaken, you cannot currently view the raw text output from the OCR of an image. [*:3iewvk12] Password Protect and encrypt database (for using evernote on work pc or for securing the portable version incase its lost) [*:3iewvk12] Subscribe to other peoples shared Evernote notebooks - ability to "subscribe" to someones notebook, and autopmatically receive their new notes/changes [*:3iewvk12] Ability to share (and sync) a notebook between multiple users - If I am working on something with a friend, we can have a common notebook that shows on both our Evernote accounts. We both have the ability to add/delete/change the notes inside. I guess this is similar to the idea of subscribing to a notebook, but in this case the user has write access. If I think of any more than i'll add them. Hope they are of use! revs
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