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Feature Request: Intitle search shortcut



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I'm a fan of the Android advanced search, and I miss the one that was in the V4 Windows versions (about the only thing I miss), but the intitle: filter is a little bit different than the others in that you need to type the text you want to search. All of the others basically let you pick options from a list, or select a date, rather than having you type search text.

intitle: may seem basic, but I'll bet a pretty good percentage of users don't know about it. One other thing: normal search also searches titles in Android, just like the WIndows client, so you will pick up title matches as well. Not quite the same as when you explicitly want to isolate on titles, as well.

That being said, I'm all in favor of ways to better search your Evernotes, and I can see where this would help.

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