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Difference between "Conflicting Changes" and "Conflicting Modifications"?

Sugeeth Krish

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Like any other Evernote user, i have come across the dreaded "Conflicting Changes" issue several times. Each time, I have been notified about this by the Activity Bar. So, likewise, i take steps to rectify the changes, manually, as soon as possible,


I saw a new type of Conflict - "Conflicting Modifications", a few days ago, when i was beta testing a Windows version. I thought it was a new form of "Conflicting changes". I even reported it in the forum.


However, today, i found something strange. I find notes titled, "Conflicting Modifications" and there are tens of them. It appears that there is some difference between them. What is the difference between Conflicyting chnages and Conflicing Modifications? Why isn't the Activity bar updating me about "Conflicting Modifications"?


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Not seeing any 'Conflicting Modifications' here - is this a new notebook,  a change in the title of the note,  or does that phrase replace the original title??  I did a search in my notes with zero hits,  and I don't have a notebook with that title.  Interestingly I don't have a 'conflicting change' notebook either though I did have one containing several notes before I recently rebuilt the database.  Seems I should have exported those notes before renaming the database. Ah well...

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I think some of those posts are confusing Conflicting Changes and Conflicting Modifications - or maybe the responders assumed that to be the case and just gave stock answers.  All of them (I think) wind up as ticket issues,  so hopefully someone will come back and report the eventual fix..  sometime..

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What causes Conflicting modifications?


A note which conflicts with another note will be saved in the "Conflicting Changes" folder in EN.  How do you determine what the change is between notes?  


I have a very long text note.  Occasionally, there will be a "conflicting modification".  The note is duplicated within the same note, so there are multiple copies of the note within the note.  I really don't know how to figure out what changed.  Currently I have three versions of the same note within a note.   There is no warning that I'm aware of.  They are usually found when I search for text within the note and find the same entry multiple times.


There are no notes in the "Conflicting Changes" folder.


Any suggestions on how to prevent this or how to figure out what the difference is?  :huh:




This was in my primary note, located at the bottom.  It's the header for the replication of the note.  It was there twice so I had 3 versions of the note within a note.....
Conflicting modification on January 27, 2015 at 11:26:08 AM:


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The reason that notes wind up in Conflicting Changes folder is that Evernote doesn't know which changes are the 'latest' ones,  so saves both (or all) the changes submitted to it,  to allow the user to make that determination.


Unfortunately the differences aren't (can't be?) highlighted,  because they may be changes in layout / content / wording.  It's up to the user to look at the notes and choose the correct version,  or merge nore than one together to create that correct version.


If you have separate notes,  that may be a fairly easy choice - and even if not there is software out there that can look at different files and highlight differences.  But if the conflicts have been included within one note,  then it is much more difficult.  It may be OK just to ignore the duplication - you'll get two hits for "meeting 4 july" instead of just one.  If the differences could be important,  it's down to the Mk 1 eyeball to make the call.


As to preventing this -


Sync both before and after editing on all devices.

Don't edit a document on more than one device - switching between phone and desktop forinstance.  Pick one,  close the other.

Don't use very long,  frequently updated notes.  Add a new note rather than another paragraph - link together with titles or tags.


Hope that helps...

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