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(Archived) Better webpage clipping on Evernote


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It's kind've a well-known restriction that Evernote won't clip a web page,  it just gives you the URL so you can check back later and clip the page from a desktop client.  I don't know why the restriction and I agree it's dumb.  The developers to read these posts (not sure whether the beta thread is more popular or not...) so consider your suggestion raised.  I'll happily +1 for an updated version soon...

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I had the same need/frustration, before I found this app EverClip. There's a free and a paid version. Paid allows for notebook selection & tagging, free has ads.


I'm using the free version. It gets the job done for me.


Pages are clipped using the "share" function in your browser: Share > EverClip > Save = DONE

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