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  1. Salil...I just noticed this myself, and to be honest – I'm furious. This is my most frequent and every day workflow. And once again silly Evernote has come up with a "better" way to do something I've already been doing. I will be installing the latest v5 version here: http://filehippo.com/download_evernote/67084/ This is not my first time downgrading my Evernote version. A clumsy elephant indeed.
  2. Evernote is the largest, most mission-critical application I've ever used with such a huge identity crisis. I just recently updated to v6 for Windows – and my most common workflow. "F6 to initiate search, start typing, select a tag or notebook from dropdown" is very BROKEN. Sigh. Do I have a few extra hours to figure out how to get BACK a workflow I had already? This is a common experience with Evernote over the years. It's so bad I once considered consulting for Evernote (i'm an Unemployable Entrepreneur) because there seems to be a huge chasm between the engineers and the users. JMichaelTX, the loss of tag view was DEFINITELY noticed and it really makes me scratch my head. WTF are they thinking about over there? What are they talking about in those use case meetings? Ugh. Ugh. There's way too much (customer) attention, power, and influence being squandered IMO.
  3. Funny the word m a s o c h i s t gets edited to ***** on this forum. That's weird.
  4. Like many other power users I have read every post in this thread with major interest... After 4 years, 7000+ notes, I just lost ALL my tags today (which I use extensively). I'm in the "support matrix" with an open ticket and activity log sharing. I was stressed & freaked out earlier, but now I've made peace with whatever happens (with my tags). But had this been data loss, privacy beach, etc. I don't think I'd be so Zen about it. I've been "in love" with Evernote since 2011. But, now I'm starting to feel like I'm in a DYSFUNCTIONAL ONE-SIDED relationship. ...and I'm a relationship & dating coach who helps women avoid this exact situation! Kinda funny when I detach and think about it. My wife thinks I'm crazy for being this affected by "software", and maybe she's right. But when I gave her an analogy to Facebook making her private messages public, randomly deleting photos, or closing her acct with no explanation, she felt me a little bit. Anyway, the word of the day is not bugs, syncing, scaling, deleting or any other "physical" problem... The word of the day is TRUST. Once broken, it's hard to mend. Twice broken and only the victims & ***** come back for more. They could literally resolve 80 percent of user frustration and restore trust without a single bug fixed, with simply better communication and transparency. I remember around this time last year was when that epic blog post was made that Phil publicly responded to, that VALIDATED and RELIEVED many power users concerns that were previously voiced millions of times on this very forum. I remember feeling mixed emotions. Happy that the head honcho was finally owning up to all the problems we had been seeing. But felt a little nauseated that it took a high profile blogger to get his attention - making Phil seem very disingenuous like a politician who cares more about public opinion than public safety. Anyway I have a lot more to say but this post is already getting long and I didn't know where to put all this stuff so I figured I'd drop it here, since it feels like 1/2 alternative seeking and 1/2 support group. I feel your pain!
  5. I'm having the same experience, and posted in the link you mentioned, Rob. This is a huge "trust-breaking" bug, and hopefully Evernote works it out over the next few months. If there's a better way to keep this bug triaging information better organized in the forums let me know.
  6. Ugggh! This just happened to me. Over 7400 notes over 4 years! I have an active support ticket open now that Evernote is working on... Of course I don't have a recent backup. Of course I now realize the importance of backups – even with the cloud synced data. Which honestly DOES seems a little weird and counter-productive to the promise of cloud computing, but I suppose we're not quite there yet. How did Evernote know I was re-organizing and simplifying everything in my life this month? My "tragedy" might be just the kick in the pants I needed to complete my "digital simplification" project – of which my hundreds of Evernote tags was a biggie. (I have to reframe this situation in order to keep my sanity)
  7. +1 Just to make it easy for Evernote reps, devs, and management, we want you to implement... ZOOM RECURRING REMINDERS HEADING 1, 2, 3 FTMFW!
  8. Yep, I've experienced the same infuriating problem many times. I simply stopped using checkboxes with bullets, which sucks but it is what it is. Everything related to bullet formatting is so shamefully bad it's puzzling. You gotta learn a few dance moves and be decent at judo to use this notetaking app reliably without stress.
  9. I had the same need/frustration, before I found this app EverClip. There's a free and a paid version. Paid allows for notebook selection & tagging, free has ads. I'm using the free version. It gets the job done for me. Pages are clipped using the "share" function in your browser: Share > EverClip > Save = DONE
  10. Thanks for posting that answer Jay, I had the exact same problem. I even installed nova launcher to make sure I wasn't going crazy (it showed up there just fine). Love the tablet, but Samsung is kinda kooky with their software. I think they're trying to be like Apple or Google and take over your life, lol. No really.
  11. Since we're so OT... [rant] Why Evernote (or the forums) attracts this unique brand of anti-social wierdos is beyond me. It's an awesome app. I love it and use it daily on 3 devices. I'm no fan of version 5 (as my earlier posts show), but I ain't going nowhere. I still recommend it anytime the topic comes up. But the general vibe on these forums sucks. Like it's some pimply teenagers getting their need for significance met on here with the non-stop snarky comments that aren't even funny. I really wouldn't expect that energy from a professional/productivity app such as this. Worst yet, it's not the newbies coming out the closet with the nonsense...often its the ones with the highest post count and special titles. Scary. [/rant]
  12. There's a link in this thread, I think on page 4. Or you could just google "download old versions of software". Luckily Evernote is one of those applications where we can go backwards and everything still works.
  13. Awesome. With all my frustations with v5 (and subsequent returning back to v4.7), it attracted me to this forum.... which attracted me to this thread... Which introduced me to the feature "hide unassigned tags" -- which is frikken awesome and improves my current workflows (the opposite of what v5 did). If this was version 5's true purpose for me (learning about this feature) then I'm a happy camper.
  14. I agree, agree, agree...and could go on and on about what's wrong with v5. Very frustrating, displeasing, and productivity reducing. The comraderie here of shared frustrations is nice for my emotional state -- but when it's time to get down to business, we need ACTIONABLE SOLUTIONS. Not heresay, snarky banter, or wishing and hoping. That's why I reverted back to 4.7 and I'm good until further notice. Just Do It.
  15. I had the same problem (among others) with version 5. I reverted back to 4.7 and all is well. Just Do It. Come back to 5 when the bugs and design issues are worked out.
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