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  1. Funny the word m a s o c h i s t gets edited to ***** on this forum. That's weird.
  2. Like many other power users I have read every post in this thread with major interest... After 4 years, 7000+ notes, I just lost ALL my tags today (which I use extensively). I'm in the "support matrix" with an open ticket and activity log sharing. I was stressed & freaked out earlier, but now I've made peace with whatever happens (with my tags). But had this been data loss, privacy beach, etc. I don't think I'd be so Zen about it. I've been "in love" with Evernote since 2011. But, now I'm starting to feel like I'm in a DYSFUNCTIONAL ONE-SIDED relationship. ...and I'm a relationship & dating coach who helps women avoid this exact situation! Kinda funny when I detach and think about it. My wife thinks I'm crazy for being this affected by "software", and maybe she's right. But when I gave her an analogy to Facebook making her private messages public, randomly deleting photos, or closing her acct with no explanation, she felt me a little bit. Anyway, the word of the day is not bugs, syncing, scaling, deleting or any other "physical" problem... The word of the day is TRUST. Once broken, it's hard to mend. Twice broken and only the victims & ***** come back for more. They could literally resolve 80 percent of user frustration and restore trust without a single bug fixed, with simply better communication and transparency. I remember around this time last year was when that epic blog post was made that Phil publicly responded to, that VALIDATED and RELIEVED many power users concerns that were previously voiced millions of times on this very forum. I remember feeling mixed emotions. Happy that the head honcho was finally owning up to all the problems we had been seeing. But felt a little nauseated that it took a high profile blogger to get his attention - making Phil seem very disingenuous like a politician who cares more about public opinion than public safety. Anyway I have a lot more to say but this post is already getting long and I didn't know where to put all this stuff so I figured I'd drop it here, since it feels like 1/2 alternative seeking and 1/2 support group. I feel your pain!
  3. I had the same problem (among others) with version 5. I reverted back to 4.7 and all is well. Just Do It. Come back to 5 when the bugs and design issues are worked out.
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