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  1. Funny the word m a s o c h i s t gets edited to ***** on this forum. That's weird.
  2. Like many other power users I have read every post in this thread with major interest... After 4 years, 7000+ notes, I just lost ALL my tags today (which I use extensively). I'm in the "support matrix" with an open ticket and activity log sharing. I was stressed & freaked out earlier, but now I've made peace with whatever happens (with my tags). But had this been data loss, privacy beach, etc. I don't think I'd be so Zen about it. I've been "in love" with Evernote since 2011. But, now I'm starting to feel like I'm in a DYSFUNCTIONAL ONE-SIDED relationship. ...and I'm a relationship &am
  3. I had the same problem (among others) with version 5. I reverted back to 4.7 and all is well. Just Do It. Come back to 5 when the bugs and design issues are worked out.
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