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  1. Evernote has been getting more useful and my productivity has increased, but I would love to see the following features so that I can be even more productive. Features: Custom keyboard shortcut mapping, let us map the features we want to use. Ability to jump to any saved search or filter from a keyboard shortcut. Global hotkey for search (command + J) from anywhere, from any app. Quick note that you can move around the desktop window, not just the top right. Take a look at Things or Alfred App. It can look like the quick note on Android.
  2. I was trying to clip a web page today on my phone and I wanted to clip the page but I couldn't do it in with Evernote, but I was able to with Google Keep. This is one of my most used features on the desktop with the Evernote Chrome extension. Here is a link with photos: https://plus.google.com/114519877662741226877/posts/HPnLLAdNXgt
  3. In a older version of Android we had the ability to see a note that we recently saved in the notifications bar, once it showed up in the notifications bar we had the ability to click on a "edit" link to edit that note. As someone who works with the same note throughout the day, it would be great to have this feature back. It was extremely useful, I don't know why it was ever taken away. [Mod: merged this post with identical topic where you posted the identical sentiment.]
  4. I want this same thing. I don't know why it moved to the top of the note ;(
  5. I just went from the stock Android 2.1 on my phone to the Cognition Rom running 2.2 and the problem still occurs, so it looks to be an Evernote only error.
  6. I would love to see hand writing/drawing the the Android app, a lot of times I want to sketch out and idea and I need two programs to do this, but if I could do it all in Evernote, that would save me a lot of wasted time. I would rather have the ability to see the full image rather than cropping, at least at first. Some of my pictures in my account are 4 megapixel and I am not able to see the entire image on the android app I too would love the option to view notes in the list view too. I know that sometimes when I am working with a lot of notes on my phones that the extra step is a buzz kill.
  7. When I try to edit a long note, the note pops to the top of the note at least twice. I try to select somewhere in the middle of the note to add a new line of text and it jumps back to the top of the note, this happens two times for every note before I can edit/type where I want to. This only happens when I first open the note to edit, but after the two jumps to the top of the note, the note will behave like normal (allowing me to edit where I place the cursor). This isn't an issue on the iPhone version, is this a Android related issue or a bug in the app?
  8. I use the F3 method all of the time, but this doesn't help with assigning tags to multiple notes at once. A lot of times I can assign the same 3-4 tags to 5-10 notes, and having to select the 3 tags out of 200 can be a hassle. The search feature for adding tags that is on the Android version would make this task very quick and painless.
  9. When using the "Assign Tag" window, it would be great is there was a tag search/suggestion feature to make adding tags easier. This could be setup exactly how it is on the Android 2.0 version.
  10. The search results are coming up with correct notes in the list view, but once you open any of the notes it displays a different notes body. I have replicated this numerous times with saved searches and new searches but after a few searches, what seems like the cache clears. And after a while it does it again.
  11. I want to start off by saying that this is the best version so far of Evernote for mobile in the near 2 years that I have been using Evernote. However there are a few issues that I have found: 1. I have over 6000 notes and my notes have been syncing for over 14 hours and still not all of my notes are downloaded. It would be nice if I had access to my notes even though the full note did not download until I opened the note for the first time. 2. The small black box to show "More Notes" covers up part of my notes, it would be nice to hide/show this button from the menu. 3. It would also be nice to zoom out even further than the 100% size of an image. I have a lot of high quality images that I have to pan around on since I can not zoom out far enough to see/read the entire note. 4. The thumbnails for my notes are not showing up, I just get a small loading wheel for each image. This could be related to fact that not all of my notes are downloaded yet. 5. When I type in a tag to add to a note, it does not select that tag from the list of tags. It would be nice to see a list of suggested tags based on what I type in the tag box, right now the tag feature seems like two different systems that have been put together. 6. Clicking on the 'i' icon can take a while to load. 7. The 'i' icon looks like it is repeating in the x coordinates. 8. The down arrow icon for choosing the notebook "display options" does not fit in the box properly. I have added a screenshot to show you. 9. The "More Notes" button doesn't have any padding around the text, looks awkward/tight. 10. Thumbnail images for Notebooks do not show up -
  12. Recently Evernote release a new extension for Google Chrome, the main thing you will notice is the tagging system. The speed and ease of use for this particular tagging system should be added to all other versions of Evernote, with the web version being updated first. I am quickly able to add tags to a note without having to wait, or hit enter multiple times.
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