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Hi all,


hoping someone can help me out.


I'm a premium subscriber and I logged a CS ticket 3 days ago and I've not heard anything back other than the default automated response.


I've tried the chat window and thats also closed despite it being within support hours. - Is there some major support issue going on at the moment?


Basically, I'm having issues with evernote not putting my PDF files through OCR. This didn't used to be a problem, but anything I've uploaded this year in PDF format is not being indexed. Same issues apparent on iOS apps, OSX app and web.





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Hi - if you're posting that now,  it's about 5am where Evernote is.  Try a bit later for a response.


Not heard of any other PDFs going un OCR'd - has your account status change?  Are these big PDFs?  Produced from different software?

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Why does it take so long to get a response on an issue.  I really do not like to here put your reply in the e-mail again when I already have provided the information


Please see my sig for response times.  With 80+ million users, I'd guess they probably have a lot of support tickets.  So if you're expecting an immediate response, that would be unreasonable.  Also, premium users can use the chat, during standard business hours (California time).

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Hi gazumped..


I've had a response now from support!


Thanks for taking the time to read this post though. As a side note, support page lists its hours as 4am - 6pm Pacific time.



That's actually chat, which is a premium account feature.




Wow - I've stayed up that late, but I wouldn't like to have to be up and at work by 0400..! :o

I'm wondering if the early morning chat folks may be working from home...?

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