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  1. To those of you who posted, Thanks for your concern and feedback. I did get a reply and suggested a debug option to optimize the database. Well after this he was supposed to contact me and no one has since. It was Jan 28th Did the suggested action and nothing, It still does not work under the windows side. Shuts down after a merge or moving several files to another folder. So much for the tool. It works fine on the internet but pretty clunky to navigate. Also works o IPAD and Iphine fine. I have done an uninstall on the desktop and scanned for viruses and other issues but nothing
  2. I ususally do not reply to any forums so apologies if I confused you. If you can have EN look into the issue and actually get me an answer that would be great. Just into it again and merged 7 items and moved them to a folder and boom it closes.
  3. I submitted the most recent one 302111 three days ago( is this earlier today?). I received an e-mail after your so called system to reply to it again. I included the log file because you have asked for that as well. They said it would be escalated to a senior support person have not heard yet. Same problem different tickets I had before (219381 and 215696). 215696 was the closest thing to fixing it as it worked for a while and then it came back. The other one I responded with the same way including the log and magically no response. I have the e-mails if you want to see. I will not respond to this forum I have work to do and therefore do what you wish if you choose to correct one persons problem. I think you need to look at the data base that is configured as I suspect it is corrupted. I guess being in IT for 30 years makes me an idiot because I certainly cannot tell you what to do. No more posts on this from me.
  4. I guess that would be the case but I know I have replied to the tickets and then get no response from EN. I guess If I do not hear anything soon I can assume to find another tool similar.
  5. Ticket has been submitted several times for the same reason and no response. I work in IT and understand about support. But I suspect either you do not have enough people to handle the support or your ticket system closes the ticket after a certain period of time.
  6. Yes a premium user for 2 years. I am impatient because I rely on evernote and it is frustrating to have to keep opening the program just to do my work.
  7. Why does it take so long to get a response on an issue. I really do not like to here put your reply in the e-mail again when I already have provided the information
  8. You know they should consider having support people in US as well. Perhaps US is their biggest market.
  9. I am a premium user and have had this issue for 2 months. Have reported to support but get no satisifaction. I have tried to uninstall and rebuild EN on my desktop by reinstalling and syncing the database which takes a long time. This does not work and wind up with same problem when I move note to a folder or merge notes and move it to another folder it closes out and I have to reopen EN. I suggested to support that perhaps the database is corrupted. Has anyone else had this problem and do you know of a fix. Close to going to OneNote.
  10. When I move a note from one folder to another Evernote crashes and I havve to restart. I have contacted support and no solution. They have suggested to delete the data base and re log in and build the data base. Still no luck gave done this twice and no success.
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