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'file is corrupt or unsupported file format'



I submitted a support ticket but I'm not a Premium member so who knows when I'll hear back.....


I ran a scan using TechTool Pro 7 and it found a bunch of file system errors.  The majority of them has to do with Evernote.

I've attached a screenshot of one such problem found.

If I had to guess I'd say that about 70% of the 'file is corrupt or unsupported file format' problems are Evernote related.

Can anyone tell me what to do here?  Should I delete these files?  

Reinstall Evernote?

Any input would be great.



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Does your current install of Evernote display any problems?  Are you able to view all the extensions of all your notes?  - if so,  don't fix what appears not to be broke...  If not,  what problems do you see with Evernote?  We may be able to help with those...

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It is difficult situation when the Mac file gets corrupted or unsupported file format. You can use Mac utility to repair Mac files in normal issue but in major Mac corruption or you are unable to use Mac backup or the backup of files also corrupted then youmust have to restore Mac files. For this you can use third party Mac data recovery option. This will help you to solve Mac problem and errors regarding that.

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