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(Archived) feature request: larger attachments on premium accounts

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i searched for other discussions on this topic but found none. if there is one, please provide a link.

i have been using evernote for a while now and its the hub of much of the information i need to keep organized. i listen to a lot of podcasts and i want to keep an archive of especially good ones and notes about them. but, the 25 meg limit on attachments is a problem here. there are quite a few mp3s that are above this limit. (i am referring to recordings of technology panels, discussions, interviews, things like that)

therefore, i would like to suggest that the 25 meg size limit on an attachment in a note be raised much higher for premium evernote users. i think the total monthly upload allocation is fine, i just want to be able to attach larger mp3s to my notes.

on a separate subject, here is a complement to the evernote team: even though i pay for the premium account, i am consistently at a small (tiny in fact) fraction of my monthly allowance for total uploads. the free account would satisfy me well but i want to support your development efforts. and, evernote is now an important part of my day almost every day. keep up the great work! i think its great that you are always rolling out new features. i am looking forward to the upcoming sharing/collaboration capabilities notebooks.

also, i have been telling lots of people about evernote. i got a few people in my company to start using it this past year.

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Just wanted to send another note that I would also like the limit to be increased for premium users. I find that a lot of my podcasts or audio files that are related to my work notes tend to be larger than 25mb. I am fine with the total monthly allowance, but my use is limited by the file upload size.

I think the product is fantastic and I would like to make this my central hub for information. Increasing the file size limit is probably my single greatest limiting step to comprehensive use of evernote for me (and most of my colleagues whom I have shared this with). Thank you.

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As a Premium user I would also like to see a larger file size limit. I record videos of online go lessons which are about 80 mb in size. I would like to see a 100 mb file size limit. Obviously one wouldn't use it often, but it would be nice near the end of a month to upload one or two of those videos if I had the space left as a way of archiving the videos over time.

I also am fine with the 500 mb limit.

It would be nice, however, to offer additional uploads for a price after the monthly limit has been exceeded... perhaps 500 mb of space for $5.00. That would be especially useful if it would carry over once purchased even though the regular monthly usage allotment would not.

I have only recently become a Premium user and don't anticipate going over my allotment, but if I do, how does that work? Do the files which exceed the allotment automatically sync when the new month starts?


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Thanks, we're planning on increasing the maximum file size for Premium accounts to 50MB. This needs to be coordinated with an update on every client, since the clients also enforce the limits, so it will take a bit before we can do this safely, but it's in the works.


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I've been looking at possibly using Evernote as a replacement for Devonthink but this might be the deal killer. Even with a 50MB limit, I still have some PDF books in the 80-100 MB range. If the 50MB must be enforced, at least allow us to add large attachments to a local database!

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A few predictions:

1.) If Evernote allows Gigabytes of file storage, people will drop their off-site backup subscriptions (Mosy, Carbonite, Jungle Disk etc) and store even more stuff on Evernote. Then they will complain there has to be higher security and more encryption tools.

2.) As the local files balloon in size, this forum will be filled with users complaining about the speed of the program.

3.) God help those who have a corrupted local multi-gigabyte database and have to regenerate a new local database.

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The ability to process all the contents of a PDF for OCR purposes has also got to have something to do with the size limit.

I imagine if we toss a 50mb non searchable PDF up there and evernote translates it into an OCR image than its MUCH bigger on their end. The system may have problems if the files get substantially bigger.

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Chiming in to add that I, too, would like to see the ability to upload larger PDF documents. I am a student and I love the ability to store sources in Evernote because I can search them for exactly the data I need to write papers and theses. But the documents I use are sometimes between 50-100 mb each.

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