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  1. I figured as long as I was asking about this camera I would ask on the Photoshop Elements User Forum as well. What I found out is that it actually does have a macro setting and I even found it in the user manual which I downloaded from the Canon web site. So taking photos of articles may be iffy at best, but I will have a better chance than I thought with the macro setting available to me. At worst I got myself a digital camera. Terri
  2. Thanks for the responses so far. I thought it was supposed to be a common thing for people to take photos with their iPhones of notes and send them to Evernote for character recognition... like wine labels and ideas scribbled on cocktail napkins. If you can do that with an iPhone I figured I could do it with a digital camera. I was actually hoping to cancel most of my magazine subscriptions. I don't think I am willing to buy a hand held scanner, however, although it looks like a nice device. I do have a macbook, which I could take with me to the library if I wanted to, but my canon scanner is a monster :-) Terri
  3. I have been wanting to get a point and shoot camera for awhile now. I saw that if I got 200 GB of storage on Picasa web albums that I would get a 4GB Eye-Fi SD card for free. So I decided to get that and shop for a camera that could use the card. I decided to get a Canon PowerShot 1200 Digital Elph because I don't need a lot of functionality and it seemed reasonably priced at $140.00 at Amazon. One of the things I want to be able to do is to use it at the library to take photographs of magazine articles and upload them to Evernote using Eye-Fi. My library has free wifi so that should be possible. However, I notice that there is no mention of a macro setting on the camera. I was surprised. Have I made a mistake by buying this camera, or should I be able to take a photograph of a page of a book with any point and shoot camera and get reasonable character recognition? Terri
  4. Thanks for the reply about the Storm. I'll consider it. I feel tied to Verizon even though I am between contracts. They keep sending me things to entice me to stick around for another two years. At first they tried to get me to upgrade to a new phone. When that didn't work they offered to pay my phone bill for a couple months. I didn't bite though because I wanted to remain free. I'm still very conflicted though. I'll look at the Storm. Thanks again. Terri
  5. I am resurrecting this post because I have not yet purchased a new point and shoot camera. I did, however, see a review of the Ricoh CX1 in the latest issue of Photoshop User magazine. They say that this is a great second camera to have on hand. I found it on Amazon.com at the folliwng url: http://www.amazon.com/Ricoh-Digital-Poi ... 593&sr=8-2 The package includes a SD card, a case, and an extra battery, so it looks like a good deal even though this is a relatively expensive point and shoot camera. I am primarily interested in the macro function for snapping pictures of magazine articles and hand written notes. It also has an HDR function where it takes two pictures simultaneously and merges the properly exposed areas of both pictures. That's neat. Has anyone here used this camera, and if so, do you like it? Terri
  6. I don't think it is that they are "better", but they are probably easier to program. Aside from that, tags are more flexible because if you put something in a folder it can only physically BE in one folder. But if you tag something you can tag it with many tags which overlap like venn diagrams. I guess it is just a different way of thinking about things. I like the idea of sub folders too, but I am going to do my best to find the good in the organizational system I am presented with here. Maybe a way to handle it would be to do an outline of the types of folders you would put things into if you were going to give them a physical "home" folder. You could create titles for those folders, which would then become tags. You could keep the outline in one Note and adjust it as you find the need to create additional "folder tags" You could even make each of these tags begin with the letters "FT" to distinguish them from regular tags. An example would be "FT-Taxes" Then any of your notes within that folder could also be tagged with additional tags that could be used across any of your "folders". This way you could have a virtual folder system using tags. Just an idea. Terri
  7. As a Premium user I would also like to see a larger file size limit. I record videos of online go lessons which are about 80 mb in size. I would like to see a 100 mb file size limit. Obviously one wouldn't use it often, but it would be nice near the end of a month to upload one or two of those videos if I had the space left as a way of archiving the videos over time. I also am fine with the 500 mb limit. It would be nice, however, to offer additional uploads for a price after the monthly limit has been exceeded... perhaps 500 mb of space for $5.00. That would be especially useful if it would carry over once purchased even though the regular monthly usage allotment would not. I have only recently become a Premium user and don't anticipate going over my allotment, but if I do, how does that work? Do the files which exceed the allotment automatically sync when the new month starts? Terri
  8. I posted a question about importing recipes from Version 2.0 to Version 3.0 and posted it to the Mac section because I mostly use a Mac now. Maybe it would have been better posted here. So I am providing a link to the original post here. viewtopic.php?f=38&t=10401&start=0 I hope I don't make anyone too annoyed by doing this. Terri
  9. Thanks for the reply. I will take a look at that model.
  10. I am not prepared to get an iPhone right now. I'm waiting for the exclusive contract with AT&T to end so I can buy an iPhone and use it with Verizon. I have an iPod Touch and I like it. In order to get more functionality from EverNote I would like to purchase a compact camera and an SD card that can upload photos through WiFi. I am familar with the Eye-Fi card, so I am covered on that end. What I am looking for is a recommendation for a camera with a good quality lens and a micro setting so I get really close up to take pictures of text, which is my primary intended use for the camera. I plan to use the camera to capture magazine articles at the library and nutritional information from products in the grocery store... that type of thing. Any suggestions? Terri
  11. In the Mac Beta video I notice an icon in the toolbar. I don't see an icon in my toolbar. I did drag the "clip to evernote" thing to browser and have been able to use it. But I was wondering how I can make the icon appear in the toolbar. Anyone know? Terri
  12. I didn't like it when I first started using EN a year and a half ago. It's grown on me. If someone has a better idea, I'm all ears, like Prince Charles. When I first tried the Mac version I was disappointed, but it is growing on me. Terri
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