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  1. i often take photos that i would rather save in EN rathen than in the iphone's camera roll. in the past, when i want to put several photos into the same note, i have always emailed the first photo into EN so that the gps metadata gets parsed into the note. then i wait a bit for the email to get transfered and processed and then open the note in the ios client and add the rest of the photos. the new share extension in ios 8 is very useful because it lets me add a bunch of photos to a single note in just one go, however, when i do the gps data from the photo is not incorporated into the note. the gps data for the note is blank in that case. not sure if this is an oversight (as in a bug) or if it should be a feature request, but either way, i imagine everyone sending photos into EN from the camera roll via the extension would want the location of the phot to also be recorded into EN.
  2. thanks! i did not notice when this feature was added. i should have checked first before asking :-) and, thanks for the quick reply too.
  3. (this is the first time i post on this forum and i hope i am in the right place and following etticate) feature request for the mac and windows clients: mostly when i drop a pdf into evernote is so that i can easily see it there on the non-mobile client. but, once in a while, i want to create a note that is a collection of documents with some summary notes for each one. this is easy to do for things like excel and word that evernote does not render inside a note (because they are just a small rectangle on the note) but its not possible to do for PDFs. it would be useful if there was a switch (per note or per item) to decide if the contents of the embedded file should be rendered
  4. i have the same problem and i am also running 3.3.2 data is not syncing to my iphone or ipad. i already un-installed and re-installed. that worked fine for 1 day but the problem is back. i am leaving on a trip in 5 hours and this is rather inconvenient to say the least. please fix this ASAP. i was hoping to read a bunch of notes on my ipad during my flight today. i may need to go to instapaper instead if evernote is nor working properly. i have been a happy evernote user for 2 years and i have a paid account. evernote is a part of how i work now and i just got scared at how much i rely on this and that it is not as reliable as i thought...
  5. i searched for other discussions on this topic but found none. if there is one, please provide a link. i have been using evernote for a while now and its the hub of much of the information i need to keep organized. i listen to a lot of podcasts and i want to keep an archive of especially good ones and notes about them. but, the 25 meg limit on attachments is a problem here. there are quite a few mp3s that are above this limit. (i am referring to recordings of technology panels, discussions, interviews, things like that) therefore, i would like to suggest that the 25 meg size limit on an attachment in a note be raised much higher for premium evernote users. i think the total monthly upload allocation is fine, i just want to be able to attach larger mp3s to my notes. on a separate subject, here is a complement to the evernote team: even though i pay for the premium account, i am consistently at a small (tiny in fact) fraction of my monthly allowance for total uploads. the free account would satisfy me well but i want to support your development efforts. and, evernote is now an important part of my day almost every day. keep up the great work! i think its great that you are always rolling out new features. i am looking forward to the upcoming sharing/collaboration capabilities notebooks. also, i have been telling lots of people about evernote. i got a few people in my company to start using it this past year.
  6. thanks for the quick reply! your answer makes total sense. like i said in my previous post, i recognize that that is what you had said priorly, i just wanted to be doubly sure. by the way, i want to give you a bit of praise here. i have been using EV 3 beta for a couple of weeks now are i really like it. i find myself recommending it to friends all the time. i look forward to some of the new features i hear are on the pipeline. i am using the windows version and the 'endless tape' paradigm makes a lot of sense to me. i like using than in conjunction with the 'note list' up above to quickly browse and find items. i have not used the mac version yet so i wonder what the GUI trade offs are. (i mention that because i am planning on moving to the mac but i've grown to like the windows app interface) i am just waiting until you release info on the pricing and i plan to become a paying customer i also have not used the image recognition capabilities but they do look quite impressive from the demos i have seen. now i which my phone had a better (as in higher resolution) camera. from reading this board, i know that elsewhere users have expressed dissatisfaction about some 'advanced' features of the previous version not making it into the new beta. i offer here that, from a new user perspective, the way the product is now works really well for me. even though i don't have a very large number of notes yet (under 100), i can see how the combination of notes, tags, separate notebooks and search will allow me to maintain a large amount of information in a way that is still easily accessible. i find myself thinking of ways to organize many things on EN. i especially like having the option of accessing all my notes from my phone. that is just plain cool. i plan to get an iphone not in small part because of its evernote "interface". i like what you are doing and you have a new customer here. or, will have one as soon as you release the paid-for options. keep up the good work
  7. so, its safe to use EN from an open (non ecrypted) wifi hotspot, right? i know that i can assume yes from the explanation above, but i don't want to do that on a critical thing like this. up to this point, i have been turning EN to "work offline" when connected to public wifi because i did not want to expose myself to the possibility of my username and password being packet-sniffed. then i did a bit of browsing in the forum and i ran into this info. the explanation above from denberg is good. i just want to be really sure that there is no misunderstanding. on a separate note, searching the forums for "ssl" does not show any results even thought that text is part of this thread. that is why i thought there was no encryption until i happened to run into this thread.
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