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(Archived) Suggestion: Settings default sorting

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One thing that I'd like to change is that I prefer to have the Notebook's notes sorted by "last updated". I will never use "by created", ever. I can set it during one session, but the next time my comptuer restarts, blam, back to "by created."  sigh


Please give us the option to either choose our own default setting OR let it remember our last setting. Surely there are others who want it to sort their way.


Anyone else agree?



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Thanks GrumpyMonkey, but I have the Windows version.


Yay for jaybenson2 if that's how you feel, but I do NOT and I think Evernote could be better if it gave us the option, just as GM agrees.


Oh. It ought to be remembering your last setting. My recommendation? Use side list view and remove all of the other fields. At least then a single tap will sort it out correctly. One thing you'll have to do is enable it through a secret shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+F5

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It should remember the setting. The sort order is saved in the Registry, and normally this is saved when Evernote quits completely. There appears to be some instances where the settings are not saved (one example could be EN doesn't get the chance to save as you shut down)

This should be solvable by forcing a save.

- Set your sort order to the desired choice (I prefer last updated too :P)

- Exit Evernote via File -> Exit

- Restart Evernote, it should have remembered your settings and should continue to do so.

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