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Disable Use of Inline Display for Excel Spreadsheets



Is there a way to turn off the default where Evernote displays Excel spreadsheets inline?  It seems to be a pretty new feature, where recently excel spreadsheets that are in notes try to "display" in the body of the note (similar to a PDF displaying in the note).  I know I can right click and choose to display it as an attachment, but (a) this is a pain and (B) it seems very inconsistent and often reverts back to displaying inline even after I choose to display as an attachment.


I understand the benefit of displaying PDF files and even DOC files inline, but the inline display of an Excel spreadsheet is useless unless it is only a few columns wide.  Also, often times when I am scrolling through notes and come across an old note that has a very big Excel spreadsheet in it, Evernote hangs (I assume it is trying to generate the inline display, as it unfreezes once that tiny representation of that large spreadsheet is displayed in the note)

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It's a new feature,  certainly.  There are no easy controls to turn it off though,  other than the right-click you already know about.  I have suggested before with picture files that if you change the extension to something Evernote doesn't recognise it will just show an icon - but that doesn't seem to work any more for photos;  Evernote still recognises the file type.  Still a pain to change the extension back again to use the file.  Or you could zip the file..

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Hopefully this is a "feature" they will address in a future update.  As I said, I have not found a good reason to display an excel spreasheet inline in a note.  The displayed info is microscopic in 99% of my spreadsheets, and the files are usually big, causing the program to hang.

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made me laugh, here I am wondering how to make them display inline again as they seem to have disappeared and it's the reason for my uploading them.





later: I found an answer: download the app direct from Evernote website and my inline views have reappeared - as magically as they disappeared. thank goodness! 

found this in another thread - thanks 

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