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Feature-Request: Pin Note to Top

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Topics in this forum can be pinned to the top.  I think it would be nice if I could pin notes to the top in EverNote5.  They could follow the same sorting-scheme as the rest of the notes, but just be sorted first, separately.


I realize I can add notes to Shortcuts, but that's *all* of my shortcuts.  I'm looking for "shortcuts" that are specific to individual notebooks or stacks.







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Suggested before,  and there are workarounds - depends what you sort your notes by;  use title or date and sort appropriately.  Notes dated 2020 or with 20/12/25 in the title will always be there..  Or you can use tags...

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Another idea, and this depends on how you use reminders I guess, is to set a reminder on the note. It will show at the top of the note list.

That's what I do. Pretty convenient for my workflow (might better be described as a 'workspatter')...

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I need for every saved search pin to top items!

I have used all the workaround but they all have Problems or are quirky to use.

I don't want to mess with the time because you loose information (creation time).

I used up all the space for shortcuts so that's also no option. 


I would like the evernote team to develop the "pin to top of any list" functionality.

Pin to top should always override any sort order, but if you have more than one pinned note the pinned ones should also be in the current sort order.

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