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  1. Topics in this forum can be pinned to the top. I think it would be nice if I could pin notes to the top in EverNote5. They could follow the same sorting-scheme as the rest of the notes, but just be sorted first, separately. I realize I can add notes to Shortcuts, but that's *all* of my shortcuts. I'm looking for "shortcuts" that are specific to individual notebooks or stacks. Thoughts? Thanks! Harry.
  2. Just to make sure I understand correctly, in Evernote 5, if I want to search within a particular notebook, I have to click in the "Search all notes" search-box and type in, for example: notebook:Javascript indexOf There is no other way? In Evernote 4, you could choose whether you wanted to search within the chosen notebook, or all notes when you entered your search term. I use View -> Show Search Explanation to see what's going on. Thanks! Harry.
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