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(Archived) Why I'm ditching Penultimate.


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I tried. I tried really hard.


I'm a recent recruit to Evernote premium. The idea of having my written notes synchronise with EN convinced me to pull Penultimate out again and give it another crack.


No app is perfect, but these are the reasons why ultimately I'm going to switch back to Noteshelf:


  • Writing looks ugly in Penultimate.
  • The wrist protection is woeful. Really woeful. Letters disappear where I don't want them to, spots appear where I don't want them to, I get frustrated. Arghhhh!
  • No folders. Lame. If I kept using Penultimate for a couple of years I'd have hundreds and hundreds of notes, all piled on top of each other in the one directory.


I do like the sync feature, and I like how multi-page penultimate notes are displayed in EN desktop (in sequence rather than as a multi-page PDF); but that's not enough to keep me from leaving.


I'll try again if things change.



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I do have a Livescribe set. 


So far, it is a very powerful tool and I have enjoyed, the text recognition is great and all functionalities. But if forces me to bring another notebook and increase my gadget count. For me text recognition is very important that is why I move to Penultimate within Evernote. But still, the feature of adding separate "notes" (i.e. pages) from a Penultimate notebook into an Evernote's still missing. We could even go further and tag those handwritten notes.....

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I keep coming back for yet another look at Penultimate but it is still way off the mark as far as I'm concerned. It was one of the very first apps I added to my first iPad all them (few) years ago and has been on and off my iPads ever since - always hoping it will live up to expectations.


I won't hijack the thread with my gripes about Penultimate but just wanted to share your "ditching Penultimate (again)" moment! :-)

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