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  1. I *think* I fixed it; time will tell. I changed from the default resolution of 3840x2160 to 2048x1152. I was then able to press F10 in EN and VOILA! The Left Panel appeared. I then changed my screen resolution back to the preferred default resolution of 3840x2160 and the Left Panel remained fully visible. Really bizarre. Is this a bug in EN?
  2. Works fine on my Desktop PC but not on my new Dell XPS 13.3" Ultrabook. Not sure if it's due to the resolution of the XPS. Pressing F10 does nothing and I'd like to expand the Left Panel. Rebooting, uninstalling/reinstalling does not fix the issue for me.
  3. Thanks....I actually lucked out and found the original setup file. When I run the file, it downloads the latest version from somewhere....Fujitsu maybe? It's working as it should be so that's all I care about. Thanks again.
  4. Any idea where I can download the software for this device please?
  5. Uninstall/Reinstall fixed it. Weird. Thank you. What would cause this issue to occur, any idea?
  6. Thank you for your reply. I've already tried doing as you suggested. It's not syncing.
  7. I had been running an older version of EN. 4-something. I upgraded to the latest release and now sync is not functioning.
  8. Is this no longer available? The website appears to be down. I' looking for a customizable form/template creator that can be used within EN. Windows platform.
  9. Does "@whatever" need to be at the very end of the subject line? Can #whatever be anywhere in the subject line?
  10. Can you kindly share your Greasemonkey script solution? I would like to have the ability to link a Google Spreadsheet inside of EN and have it be an editable, "Live" document. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for your reply and info, greatly appreciated. So the Shared notebook that is created in my notebook, where will it be found? With the original? Will it be marked and easily identifiable as the shared notebook?
  12. Where would these be found within my EN? Will EN create a new notebook for notes and/or notebooks that have been shared with me? If I share a note/notebook with a non-EN user, will they be forced/required to create an EN account in order to view/access the note/notebook?
  13. Likewise. Thank you for all of your help over the years.
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