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  1. Well do as I do and simply email your RM2 notes to your custom EN email address. It's a matter of 2 clicks.
  2. When sending your notes from RM2, you have the option to OCR or send as your original handwritten notes. I think you can send as both as well if I recall.
  3. Are you emailing the OCR'd text or as a PDF?
  4. RM2 DOES have OCR. Then you simply email the OCR and/or handwritten notes to your personal EN email address. Not hard.
  5. I use the RM2 with EN on a daily basis and the integration is acceptable for me. I email both the handwritten notes and OCR'd notes to EN with 2 clicks. It's not hard.
  6. v10.7.6 pre-version 10, I was able to scan a document into EN and then if I so desired, I could right click on the scanned document within EN, save as xyz.pdf. Not so with any release of v10. Is this how it is supposed to function now or am I possibly doing something wrong?
  7. I would add @xyz to the subject line of any email with XYZ being the name of a specific notebook. Is this no longer available in V10? Cuz it's not working for me. Works fine on Legacy, of course.
  8. Can't you simply email the notes from Remarkable to your EN Notebook?
  9. Location Based Reminders are the only reason that I use Google Keep. They work REALLY well BTW. As a long-time EN user, I'd like to see this functionality incorporated into EN so I would not have to use Google Keep.
  10. What are my options to open a PDF in Google Docs that is currently in EN?
  11. Unfortunately, I am not at all in the Apple ecosystem. Thanks for the recommendation. I am going to *try* to take a picture of handwritten notes directly from the EN Android App and see if this meets my needs. At least now I can invest in a decent pen and notebook, lol. I appreciate everyone's advice, suggestions and guidance!
  12. "Search can be your friend." Sorry, but what are you insinuating? That I don't search? lmao. K.
  13. Thanks, but I don't want another electronic device in my life.
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