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  1. I'm going to print this feed out and laminate it on my wall. When EN creates an email service I will reach out to each of you individually with a big "told you so".
  2. I tried. I tried really hard. I'm a recent recruit to Evernote premium. The idea of having my written notes synchronise with EN convinced me to pull Penultimate out again and give it another crack. No app is perfect, but these are the reasons why ultimately I'm going to switch back to Noteshelf: Writing looks ugly in Penultimate.The wrist protection is woeful. Really woeful. Letters disappear where I don't want them to, spots appear where I don't want them to, I get frustrated. Arghhhh!No folders. Lame. If I kept using Penultimate for a couple of years I'd have hundreds and hundreds of notes, all piled on top of each other in the one directory. I do like the sync feature, and I like how multi-page penultimate notes are displayed in EN desktop (in sequence rather than as a multi-page PDF); but that's not enough to keep me from leaving. I'll try again if things change.
  3. Hi BurgersNFries, I was referring to an actual email service such as gmail or hotmail. I would like to see Evernote develop a service of their own. Makes sense - Evernote is about the management of digital information, and email is a significant contributor to that that digital footprint. An email system that integrates with peoples Evernote accounts would be useful.
  4. Hi Evernote. Any plans to establish an Evernote email account system? What does everyone think of this idea? Worth doing?
  5. Ditto. Such a basic basic basic functionality available in SO many other apps. At least give us the date the note was created or last modified as a suggested title. There's a fine line between "deliberate simplicity" and "deliberate uselessness".
  6. I would also ask for a "suggested note title" that features the creation date as a title option - the GPS auto-name is hopeless in my multi-storey office block in CBD Sydney, and the default "notes 1", "notes 2", etc is also pretty lame.
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