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  1. I do have a Livescribe set. So far, it is a very powerful tool and I have enjoyed, the text recognition is great and all functionalities. But if forces me to bring another notebook and increase my gadget count. For me text recognition is very important that is why I move to Penultimate within Evernote. But still, the feature of adding separate "notes" (i.e. pages) from a Penultimate notebook into an Evernote's still missing. We could even go further and tag those handwritten notes.....
  2. I also strongly request this feature. For business it is essential as during the day we may have different note taking information in different note taking penultimate notebooks (e.g. meetings, notes, activity lists, week, monthly plans....) that will be later organized and tagged into different topics. Just to put an example: A back to back meeting day: I have a penultimate meeting notes notebook that I use to keep track and record the minutes of my meetings. One my day is over, during my daily review I would like to attach those meeting notes and minutes to the notebooks (i.e. work projects) they are related to with corresponding tags if they need to be sorted by priority, etc.... I am keeping all my notes together as I really hope you guys can do it!!!! Thanks!!!!
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